Sasural Simar Ka 14th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 14th October 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 14th October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Janvi comes in asks is everything alright? We were all so worried about you? Where wre you ? We called at the hospital but you were not there. janvi says stop caring about me. She shouts. She says when will you stop being my detective? Pleaes leave me alone i am not a child i know whats good for me and whats not, stop caring about me.
Janvi says that i was in hospital i couldn’t talk to you because my phone’s bettary was dead. She is so rude. She says have you got all you answers can i go now? Simar asks roli what wrong? Roli says there is something really wrong. She was so rude, the way she talked to me i feel like its reason is shaureya. Simar says that we should keep this concealed from our family. We will ask her when we get back home. We have to handle

this all alone. We will solve all this once we get over all of this.

Scene 2
Shaureya gets home, meghna says that you had to be with in pooja? And you didn’t even receive my call. Shaureya says my phone was on silent and i am not interested in you boring stuff. I am not a child anymore i am grown up. I want no interference in my personal life even when its you. Meghna says that this all lavish life is because of these boring programs. Shaureya goes upstairs. Meghna says that this is all my fault.

Scene 3
Simar is making milk for anjali. POrem call her when she leaves achna comes in, she plans to take all the milk for aarav.

Scene 4
Janvi is in her room she recall all what ghappened in her life. She remembers how shaureya promised to live with her whole of her life. And a little later how he threw away her wedding locket. She is crying. She says how can all this be a lie? We lived that moment it can’t be a deceit. I have felt your love for me. There must be something else. I must talk to him. I will clear all the doubts in his mind.

Scene 5
Shuareya is having a party with his friends. He drinks and plays the music. His phone rings. He has saves janvi’s number from game over. His friend says that you are looking so happy after a long time. Shaureya says yes i am so happy. I am feeling like i am on top of the world. I have done what i wanted. Today she will realize that shaureya is the most difficult enemy.Meghna over listens to what he is saying.

Scene 6
Anjali is crying so hard everyone comes in the living room. Simar says that i placed milk for her in the kitchen but it was not there when i came back. Mata ji says no one in our house is that selfish who doesn’t even care about a babay. They ask prem to arrange the milk. Mausi ji says but who is this who has done this weird thing? Sujata says we will see it later but the most important thing is to arrange milk for her.

Scene 7
Roli is going in to janvi’s room. Janvi is crying in her room, she says that this mangal suttar is not just a locket it connects two people together till eternity. Your and my connection will never end now. Roli calls her name out. She swipe her tears away.

Scene 8
Mata ji says please give anjali something else until prem doesn’t come.
prem comes in and says that all the shops are closed and the few that are open are out of milk right now. Simar says she won’t sleep until she doesn’t get her milk.

Scene 9
Janvi throws the cloth away in which her wedding locket is placed. Roli says that i was just getting bored so came here to talk to you. Janvi says that i wanna talk to you as well but i am so tired and i am sorry for my rude behavior. JAnvi places the dupatta in closet roli sees her.

Precap- Janvi sees attul in the hospital she begs him to tell where is shaureya. She syas please ask him to talk to me i beg you. Attul says please forgive him and maybe you have some misunderstanding, i don’t know you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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