Sasural Simar Ka 14th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Simar gives house responsibility to Roshni

Sasural Simar Ka 14th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer taking out his anger and hitting his hand on the wall. Anjali smiles seeing him angry and asks him to calm down. She asks him to tell what happened? Sameer tells what he saw. Anjali says I can’t believe that Sanjana can do this and says you have seen with your eyes, what can I say. Why did she do this, when you loves her and respect her. She says I can’t see your condition and instigates him against Sanjana. Sameer asks her to leave him alone for sometime. Anjali tells him that if he needs anything then tell her. Sameer feels heartbroken. Anjali smirks and goes.

Piyush gets ready. Roshni sets her Pallu. Piyush tells her that he knows better how to wear saree and sets her Pallu. He says now you are looking like Maa. Roshni makes him wear suit and says

now you looks like Prem Papa. Piyush asks can you scold me like Maa. Roshni says ofcourse. She talks like Simar and scolds Prem. Piyush also talks like Prem. He tries to get romantic. Roshni says you gets romantic the moment you gets the chance. Piyush says I am romancing my wife, not neighbor’s wife. They promise to stay together forever.

Everyone gather in the hall. Simar says once everyone returns, we will announce whom to give the keys. Anjali, Sanjana and Sameer comes home. They touch Simar and Mata ji’s feet. Simar asks why you people are silent and asks if anything happened. Anjali says they must be tired and slept in car too. Mata ji asks Simar to let everyone come and says they will make an announcement. Anjali asks them to do it fast. Mata ji tells that they were thinking since few days to whom to give the keys for Bharadwaj’s house. She says she wants to give Simar’s responsibility to Roshni. Sanjana, Prem, Simar smiles while Anjali and Pari are angry. Mata ji asks Simar to give the responsibility to Roshni. Anjali is angry as Simar gives keys to Roshni.

Simar asks Roshni to take Bharadhwaj family responsibility ahead. Roshni thanks her. Anjali says congrats and hugs her, saying you totally deserve it. Mata ji gives her bag and says it has our ancestral jewellery. She tells that they brought it from locker and will again keep it in the locker after taking mata rani blessings. She asks her to keep it in locker safely. Roshni says ok. Simar says she will serve the food. Anjali thinks Roshni became owner of the house and was happily. She is irked and couldn’t bear her happiness thinking about Simar’s words. She says my name is Anjali and promises herself to take back rights from Roshni in next 24 hours. She comes to Roshni’s room, takes keys kept on dressing table.

Roshni sees the locker room opened and sees Anjali who is in Mata ji’s get it. She thinks mata ji is checking locker. She goes in hall and sees Mata ji sitting in hall and reading holy book. She thinks if mata ji is here then who is in locker room. Anjali steals the ancestral jewellery bag and goes. Roshni runs and finds the bag stolen. She checks for keys and sees it in the locker. Anjali comes to room and throws bag on bed. She smirks and says you tried to become adarsh bahu, now I will make everyone against you and will snatch keys from you.

Mata ji tells Simar that they shall keep the bag in locker. Roshni comes to them and tells that the bag is missing from the locker. Mata ji asks what do you mean? Roshni says when she was going from there, she saw someone wearing mata ji’s attire with open locker. She then saw Mata ji in hall. Mata ji asks what nonsense. Piyush and others come there. Mata ji says we all have to cry as that ancestral jewellery bag is lost because of Roshni’s carelessness. Roshni asks her to believe her. Mata ji says you did a mistake and asks her not to make excuses. Simar tries to defends Simar. Mata ji tells Roshni that ancestral jewellery was precious and says I wouldn’t have given you that bag and calls her careless girl. Roshni runs to her room cryingly. Mata ji regrets to give keys to Roshni. Simar is tensed. Anjali smiles.

Sanjana holds Sameer’s hand and asks what others will feel if you stay outside the house. Sameer says he will answer family rather than staying with you. Roshni shows the saree and wig to Mata ji and tells that she found it in Anjali’s room and is sure that she has stolen the jewellery.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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