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Scene 1
Vadahi is making malas. She recalls what Vikram said. The needle nibs in her finger. Mataji comes and dresses her wound. Mataji asks what are you worried about? Vadahi says when you are in a situation where saying truth ruins today and not saying ruins future? Mataji says whoever says truth wins in all situations. Vadahi says in heart Mataji is right I should tells Simar aunty.
Simar is busy with preps. Vadahi comes and says aunty I wanted to talk about something. A man comes in. He is the jeweler. He delivers the mangalsutra. Simar says see vadahi isn’t it pretty? It will look so good on her. I am so happy she got such a good life partner. He handles her so well. I should show this to her. Vadahi says in heart how cna I crash her happiness? She sees a notepad and takes


KB shows a necklace to anajli. She says it looks so good on you. Anjali says this is so pretty. Because this is your choice. This is on is the most expensive one. Simar comes in and says the most precious jewelry for a bride is this, the mangalsutra. she shows it to Anjali and says this is from your mother. I know you like modern designs and I kept your choice in mind while ordering this. The diamonds and pearls are there. I thought you would like it. Anjali says its very pretty I like. Simar says you like it? Anjali says yes. Simar says thank you so much. I was scared because you don’t like my choice so I showed it and got it approved it from Vikram. Keep it safe. Its a promise. Respect it always, because that would be your respect. I can’t believe you are this old. you will get married tomorrow. I wish I could spend more time with you. But I am happy that you got such a good life partner. Vikram will keep you very happy. He loves you and he is such a nice guy. Simar kisses her forehead. Simar says thank you. I just came to show you this. I didn’t know if you would like it or not. May I take it back I will give it to Vikram in the hall. He will make you wear this. Anajli smiles. Simar leaves. KB says she is such a drama. Anjali says let it go KB. Did you get my rose bath ready? KB says yes it is ready. KB leaves.
Anjalu is in tears.

Vadahi is writing everything on a paper. KB sees her. She wonders what is Vadahi writing? And why is she keeping it in Simar’s pouch. Vadahi leaves and KB steals the letter. KB says I have to see whats written in it. She reads Simar aunty I want to tell you something that I kept hidden. Vikram is the guy who kidnapped me. KB is dazed. I wanted to tell you before but he warned me he will do the same with Anjali. He would ruin everything. I am sorry that I kept it hidden. Forgive me.
KB says this is a lottery for me. Anjali should get married to this psycho vikram. i am sorry Vadahi. I came in between you and Simar. You can’t reveal this truth now. She burns the letter. KB says I can’t get a better chance than this.

Simar tells Matjai let me show you the mangalsutra. She collides with Simar. She says I came here to keep the clothes dry cleaner gave. simar says thank you. Simar shows mataji the box but its empty. Mataji says where is the mangalsutra. I kept it in the same box. She looks everywhere but the mangalsutra isn’t there. Mataji and simar are worried. Mataji says maybe someone took it show someone else.
simar asks everyone no one has it. Piyush says I checked all the staff’s stuff. Prem says someone stole it. Najali says why you kept it when you couldn’t keep it safe? Simar says i kept it with rest of the stuff. I don’t know where it went. KB says we should check Vadahi’s room. Vadhai says I didn’t steal it. KB says then say that you didn’t go to Simar’s room? Vadahi says I went there just to keep clothes. Simar says I saw her coming from my room after keeping the clothes there. KB says how can you all trust a stranger like this? Its written on her face. Simar says shut up Khushi. KB says I am sure she has some problem with Anjali’s wedding. Anjali says we should check her room. Prem says yes whats wrong with checking the room. Lets go.They all go to check Vadahi’s room. Simar says I am sorry Vadahi I trust you but I have to do this.
They check her room. Simar says its no where. Are you all satisfied now? in you presence we checked the whole room. Mataji says lets go. KB finds it in her luggage bag. Anjali says here it is. Everyone is dazed. KB recalls keeping it there. Anjali slaps Vadahi on face.

Precap-Simar says its better for us that you leave Vadhai. Vadahi comes to Vikram’s house and slaps him. Everyone is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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