Sasural Simar Ka 14th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 14th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mataji, Sujata and Khushi try to open the door. Mata ji says this is not opening. Badi amma laughs. Mataji says how did she wake up. Badi amma laughs and says its easy to fool you. You people left me here. We evil powers can’t enter the temple. So we don’t let humans pray as well. In this temple the powers are more than us. 100 years ago, we detained those powers here. You will go empty handed from here. You know why? because a normal human can’t open this door. There are 5 pots around the temple. Find them before the candle blows. Mata ji says we don’t have a lot of time. Lets go rummage for them.
Khushi and mataji find one pot each. Khushi sees so many more, she says which one of these is the one. She sees trishol made on one of them. She says this

is the one. Mataji finds two more.
Badi amma says these are only four. If this candle blows you wont have another chance. Go look for the fifth one. Sujata comes and says I found it. Badi amma says don’t be so happy. Only one of them has the matter that can open the door. Rest of four have the matter made by evil. You have only two chances. If you put the wrong one on the door, it will close forever. Sujata says how will we find the one. Mataji says these must be a way. Whatever will happen, will be good for us. For now we have to choose the right one. Khushi says if we choose the wrong one then? Mata ji says we don’t have another option. Whatever happens we have to take this risk. Sujata says yes you are right we have to take the risk. Mata ji says I don’t know which one to try. Sujata says I can’t either. Simar and Roli life is at stake. If we take the wrong decision.. We will lose them. Khushi says I can’t choose either. Badi amma says you came here but you are giving up in the end. Will you go back nirmala?

Sid comes to Prem and says we will find a way out prem. He tries to wake prem up. Sid says please open your eyes prem. Sid says you used to ask me to pick up in childhood. He picks prem up.

Badi amma laughs. Mataji says I will open this pot. Mata ji looks closely at them. badi amma says go on nirmala. You have another chance.
Mataji picks one and pours on the door. The pot starts sparking. Winds start to blow. badi amma says you choose the wrong one Nirmala. These black clouds are the sign of your black fate. Now you will choose another wrong one. Choose one more and you lose Simar and roli forever.

Precap-Indra attacks Amar and Guru ji with fire. Mata ji picks another pot and pours on the door.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. today episode s nice I want roli and simar back without them the serial s bore

  2. Thanks for update atiba

  3. Backwas episode pls bring roli and simar back

  4. I think so the door will open with 2 pot as there is no other choice for anyone.badi amma will become nice and help them I think so.

  5. simar will be back tomorrow but wt abt roli???…and kushi u r acting was superb yaar..

  6. Today nice. Pls anyone know were is pari.

  7. but when will roli cum

  8. sid to forgot roli…. not even thinking about her in even one episode also…. i think roli will not come in tomorrow episode only simar will come.. its dragging so much.. please end indravati track.. bring some peace in family…. bring roli back missingg rosid badly………..

  9. Ya simar will be back….but roli???”plz take both of them out together or dnt take,….

  10. Waiting for meha episode

  11. Stupid track.sid is deeply concerned abt prem rather than roli.y should they use roli’s name in the show.the writers are just playing with rosid fans feelings.ther are creating hope that avika would return .might as well take her completly from the show instead of making fans go insane

  12. Missing roli a lot.i realy want this show to end rather than making rosid fans desparate

  13. Its been so long every one is requesting to bring roli back but she is not back yet this story is so long with so much draggings its not ending whats rubbish

  14. My guess would be simar would definitely return tomorow in maha episode but roli will not .simar will pray for her sister to return soon and she will find ways to bring prem his memories back.thats it sid will be on his family side without thinking of his roli.iam not at al going to watch that maha episode.just going to see updates tomorow.lost all my hope in avika ‘s return

  15. Ya u guys are right with out roli the serial was rubish.but somebody told that roli is back wat abt that?????

  16. plz bring simar and roli back.sasural simar ka is awesome serial.don’t end.

  17. please bring simar and roli back.sasural simar ka is a awesome serial.I like it so much and my friend sanjana also.don’t end it.

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