Sasural Simar Ka 14th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 14th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says we won’t let you go out until you tell us where is sanju. Maani says I won’t get my powers and you won’t get your sanju back. Prem says we don’t trust you. Maani says you don’t have another option. Maani says I will bring back your sanju. Maani is taken to moon light. She gains her powers back. Simar says now return us sanju. Maani says hear it. They hear sanju saying mama I wanna come to you. Simar goes after the voice downstairs.
Maani has made a sanp seeri board there. Sanju is on the other side with the woman. Maani says if you wanna go to sanju you have to play a game. Prem says we won’t. Maani says you have. Simar says what do I have to do? Mani says play the sanp seeri like childhood. You will roll the dice and for your daughter

you can do that. The number you get you will move forward. if you we are in a dice with snake then It will bite you. Mataji says no.. Maani says don’t worry. This is not poisonous snake. Simar won’t die but it will hurt her. You have to choose one member of your family everytime. He will be on risk. We the snake bites you that person will become maani. If you win the game they will become human again. but if you lose they will be maani all life.Simar says you can’t do this. Maani says now think about it. SAnju says mama save me. Mata says we have to accept her condition. Rajhinder says we can risk our lives for sanju. prem says go save sanju simar.

Game starts. Maani says who would you choose first. I feel like prerna should have this right first because she ruined my story and helped you. Prerna says I am ready simar. Simar rolls the dice. It is the one with snake. Snake bites simar and prerna becomes maani. Maani says to prem if hurts you so much then come help simar. Prem comes forward simar rolls another dice. Simar says no. Prem becomes maani too. Simar screams no.. Next is mata ji. Simar says i can’t play this game. Mata ji says don’t worry about me. Simar rolls the dice and mata ji becomes maani too. One by one they become maani. Simar realizes that maani is changing the dice with her heard. She says I have to distract her.
There are more snakes. Simar says this is my last attempt. If i win give me my family and sanju back.Maani says yes sure. Maani says if you bring 6 then you win if you lose then sanju will become maani too and forever. Simar saysa save me mata ji. Maani turns back and simar rolls the dice. Its six. Simar says thank God. The board disappears. Simar hugs sanju. Everyone becomes human again. They all see sanju.Maani screams no this can’t happen. You fooled me. You have cheated.

Maani says i will kill you all. She throws some striking at them. Sid stops it with some power. Everyone is dazed. Maani screams save me. She sits down. Amar says worst happens to bad people.

Precap-Simar says to maani I can’t see you this way. i will go to that jungle. Simar comes to jungle. A baba is there and says you dared disturbing me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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