Sasural Simar Ka 14th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 14th March 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 14th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Simar asks what do you people think about Jhanvi’s wedding ? Mata ji says what made you think about that ? Simar says doctor anurag wanna marry Jhanvi even after knowing her past. I met him he is such a nice man. Prem says I agree to her. Mata ji says we can’t hasty about it. We made this mistake once before. Mausi ji says we don’t know about her. Simar says you will know how nice he is. Maa met her. Sujata says yes I was right. No senior drops a nurse home just for care. I never expected this from you jahnvi. How can you be so close to someone after all this. SId says how can you think like that. Sujata says you have suffered a lot and again the same mistake. You are on the same track once again Jahnvi. Jhanvi says I have no interest in him. We have

nothing in between. Jhanvi leaves. Khushi says I thought there is something related to me. Now everyone will be after jahnvi. Simar says its just Anurag who proposed her. Mausi ji says whats wrong with you sujata what you said without listening to her. Sujata says what could I says she ahs suffered a lot. Mata ji says there is no difference between your love and anger. Talk to her alone. She goes to Jahnvi.
Scene 2
Jahnvi is crying in her room. Sujata sits besides her. She says A mo up brings her children but when they fall on the ground the pain is not just for them but for their mom’s too. I think about you whole night about your future. Are you listening to me ? I am sorry for my harsh words. Jhanvi says I am so happy with my family. I want nothing but just support from you all.
Roli asks Simar are you sure he wants to marry her ? Simar says yes mata ji this is such an important proposal for her. Mata ji says we can’t believe anyone after Shaureya. We need the consent of Jahnvi. Mausi ji says we should be open about it.Mausi ji says we should go out for some change in jhanvi’s life. Uma says please say yes for jhanvi. Mata ji says okay. Pari says let me tell this to jahnvi. Sujata comes downstairs, Parri says jhanvu we are going for picnic today. Mata ji says you happiness matters the most to us Jhanvi. Khushi thinks everyone will be leaving. I should look after that paper.

Scene 3
Everyone is ready to go out. Prem asks Sankalp to go. He says I am waiting for sonia we will be in other car. Sonia comes down coughing. He says you need rest sonia let me tell prem that we are not going. Sonia says you should go. Its about Jhanvi. She says I will be okay alone.

Scene 4
The whole family has arrived at the restaurant. Roli says I have got something about the attack on sonia. She tells her the whole thing. Roli says I will talk to that person who appointed rani. Sankalp has come. Simar says where is sonia ? He says she wasn’t feeling well so she stayed home. Karuna says you should have stayed with her. Simar says don’t be angry me and roli will go home. Mausi ji says we will bring you the food.

Scene 5
Khushi gies to roli’s room and rummages everywhere for the paper. Roli and Simara are on their way back. Roli says I think we should go back earlier. Simar says yes we will. Khsuhi can’t find it. Roli and Simar have arrived. She hears someone coming. They go upstairs. She looks out. Roli and Simar turn to her. They are dazed to see Khushi. SHe locks the room. Simar says open the door Khsuhi. SHe is worried what to do. Rolu and Simar plan on breaking the door.

Precap- The whole house is dark. roli strikes with someone. its khushi she grasps her an says you won’t escape this time..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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