Sasural Simar Ka 14th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 14th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mata ji says maani you have to look in this mirror. Maani says i won’t open my eyes. The time you get me open my eyes you simar would have died. Prem says open your eyes. Mani says I wont. Mata ji says we want our simar back. Maani says this pain is what I wanted to hear.
Baba reads some mantra and throws it on Maani. Her eyes open and she becomes a maani. Baba says simar sit on this stone and become human again, Simar(bee) sits on the stone and turns human, everyone is happy to see her back, prem hugs her. Prem says are you okay? Simar says yes. Baba says thank God you sent me here on right time. Mataji hugs her and says our family would have been shattered without you. This sasural is simar’s and will always be. They all hug her.
Simar places the maani(stone)

in temple. Simar says thank you baba. Baba says I made a mistake and had to rectify it. Thank God everything is okay now. As blessing I want to give you something. he gives her a black thread. Baba says wear it on your foot so evil powers always stay away from you. Simar wears it. Baba says tell us what to do with it.
Baba says devika gave it to simar. Simar has to place it somewhere no one gets it. Baba says 50 miles from here there is a jungle. There is a burgat tree you have to bury it there, Simar says I will Baba says no. There is a time 3am in the morning. you have to do it yourself. Not a moment ago or late. Sharp at 3am and yes be careful no rays of this mani should be shown.Sid says i and prem will take her don’t worry. Baba says only a woman can go with her. Simar says we will do as you ask. Baba says be careful, the way you will go on will be scary but its just illusion. Don’t be scared. i don’t know what will happen if you don’t bury it at 3 am. It can be horrible.
Mataji says i will go with Simnar.

At night, Mataji and Simar arrive at the jungle. Mataji says why stopped here? simar says this is the jungle. We have to walk from here. Simar says we reached on time. We have 30 minutes to find that tree.
Simar and mata ji hear screaming. They hold handss and keep walking in the dark jungle. Simar and mataji are looking for the tree, mata ji says my watch is not working. Simar says let me check mine. Simar says mine is not working either. Simar says give me this I will bury it. Simar says what if our calculation is wrong. Mataji says we don’t have time. Just bury it. Simar buries the maani. Mata ji says don’t worry lets go from here. they go out of the jungle and sit in the car. Light strikes, simar stops the car. Simar says mataji have we made a mistake? Mata ji says dont worry.

Precap-A woman says maani.. my maani. She has maani in her hand. The woman is covered in black. The witches are dancing around her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What the hell is this. After makhi another one if writers have no sense better is to stop the serial

  2. Please finish the serial. It’s pathetic even to read update.

  3. Again ?another booth? Yar koyi iss rytr ko esa pap karne se rokho!!

  4. guys..maani track was in naagin so rashmi also copied..this is just biggest crap show!!

  5. If u keep watching, directors will continue creating new track. Better give up….

  6. I’m soooo happy simar is back but again a trouble in her life !!!!!!

  7. Now what. ..problems are always lining up in the name of God they r showing wrong…I think everyone evils and devils are liking bharadwaj house very much that too simar. ..

  8. please stop worst serial

  9. huh.. only the naagin track, indravathi track and devika track was good.. rest all the track are
    not good…!!! alteast after this track show some love scenes btwn prem n simar, and show some happy momnets of sid not able to see him suffering without roli…!!!

  10. First Maya then mohini then devika then patali devi then Indra vathi then again patali devi with saithan after that chandan maani….tell me the new ghost name you enter that in your serial… Such a bullshit SSK

  11. This show promotes all types of evils which perhaps we would not hv even though abt. Why ppl still watch zis ? Zis is no entertainment at all.

  12. Every new person ll enter in tis parivaar and then turn to evil…it is happens all tracks in previous..but tis foolish family is not change they always trust easily…and then affects including simar all tracks r same only…worst ssk without rosid it is waste forever…pls end the serial…

  13. I guessed wat will hapn here aftr..
    That woman covered in black will come to know that maani has no power.. To get back those power maani will join hands with that woman and will create trouble bharadwaj parivaar..
    And sid will b problem coz he has those powers.. Mahan prerna and simar will save sid.. And sid will fall in love with prerna.. Crap…
    They hurts rosid fans..

  14. Want to see PreMar love track…. Brng normal human as villains… Y would you mix supernatural elements… Anyway excited to watch upcoming PREMAR scenes

  15. isse toh achcha Maya(Sara Khan) ko hi le aao wapas opposite Sid.

  16. madness, we should all stop watching or we too will become bhooths if not aleady for watching

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