Sasural Simar Ka 14th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 14th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Doctor checks sanju. He says she will be fine soon. Anjali says I will give you meds on time. Arav says Samir is part of our family now. We will start the property and business from today. Mataji signs the papers. Arav signs them as well. They give it to samir. Roshni comes in. Samir is smiling. Samir signs the papers. Roshni says oh no.
Mataji says samir and sanju’s wedding video is ready. We will all see it together.

They all sit down to see the video. It has samir and anjali in it. Samir and anjali get married to each other in temple. Everyone is shocked and dazed. Mataji says samir and anjali what is this. Roshni says this is not a joke. This is all truth. Anjali married samir in temple before Sanju. sImar sits down in shocked. Roshni says ma I told you they

were talking about some day. I followed her but couldn’t find any proof. I decided I will expose them, I found this video in anjali’s room.
I wanted to expose him. SAnjuu says samir you can’t do this. Roshni says this was all anjali’s plan. Anjali laughs. SHe says you are amazing. You think you did that yourself? When you were seeing this video I saw you. And I let you. My plan topped your plan. Simar says how can you do this anjali; Arava says samir how dare you ruin my sister’s life. Why what did she do to deserve this. Simar says I was telling whole world that you have changed anjjali. Roshni tried to warn me. Why did you stoop so low. Martaji says I can’t imagine you are prem and simar’s daughter. Anjali says you all are responsible for this. No one every understood. You all cared about yourself. I am samir’s first and real wife. This sanju is samir’s second wife. I planned all this when I got to know his truth. Anjali tells them everything.

Anjali says I did this because you all get me wrong. You all deserve this. You are responsible for this. Mataji says why you did this with sanju? Anjali says who the hell is she? She is no even our blood. I am your real daughter and you never loved me. I thought you would heal my broken heart when vikram left me but you all called me responsible for all that instead of samir. You all were just celebrating for sanju only caring about her. Sanju is sitting there in shocked. You all hate me. You all always did injustice with me. You gave sanju importance. You all left me to die in a corner. Simar says didn’t I forgive you? I thought you wanted to change. Anjali says I will never change. That suicide was also a drama. So you all value me. But you don’t. You are all drama. She pulls sanjur and says what does she know? You all love her. She is very nice to you all? You people never understand me. You all think you have a mind. You were getting sanju married to a scam and being fooled. Samir smirks. Sanju says please say all this is a lie. Tell me all this is a joke. You are my friend. How can you do this to me. Samir says I came here for a reason which I have achieved. This is a business deal. I didn’t do anything wrong with. I came here to find a big chance. This arav and your family gave me that chance. I didn’t know your family is so stupid. Its not my fault. Mataji slaps him.

Precap-Arav says I am calling police. Anjali says get out of my house first. Why so shocked? You all signed the papers? Mataji si shocked.
Anjali shoves her and says pack your stuff and get out of my house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I luuuuuuv u Anjali you did right , and she’s right no one cares about her she did all fo Vikram but no one understand her madness , well done but the story looks similair to swaragini’s story ? when Parinetta make the family leaves the house ! But loved if anjali make another thing to punish her family ! hope they don’t make Roshni fight with Anjuuu

    1. Mona146

      im shocked by ur reply

  2. yeah im overwhelmd….
    well done babyyy anjuu rlly love uu…this bhardwaj family only values themself its good u taught them that urnt stupid as they??…..thy blindly trust pple n when things goes awry thy start blamng….thy dnt evn trust
    n what the hell is roshni doing??….she need to stick with her husbnds decision…y help thm as thy thmself kick her out i hate when shes bng soo detective

    1. Mona146

      surprised n shocked

  3. These anjali deserve tight slaps on the face.

    1. not that she should get even more tight slaps

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