Sasural Simar Ka 14th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 14th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
roli picks up the box and says here is the address. I should drop it before going to hotel. surbhi asks what is it ? She says someone forgot it ? We will deliver it. khushi says shouldn’t we go for shopping rather than this / surbhi says she is right. we should deliver it. Karthik is so angry at the driver for forgetting the box there. simar says what was in that ? He asys it.. had baa’s gift. Vikran takes him on a side and asks him to calm down. siamr wonders what can be in that box ? both brothers are discussing it angrily. baa says I have never seen him that angry. door bell rings. siamr opens the door. its roli with the box. theya re shocked to see each other. Simar takes the box without saying anything. Karthik comes and takes the box from her.
Siamr says vikran

is trying to save Karthik b y not opening this box. Karthik says okay we will open this gift for baa when you come back. Siamr says in heart there is something in this box that I have to see.

Scene 2
khushi says we need a big room that shows the whole city and with a swimming pool ? roli says you mean bath tub ? They laugh. Surbhi says we will adjust in one room. Roli says no I think we should get different rooms. They decide that surbhi and khushi will saty together and roli in a different room.

Scene 3
Sid and prem come in and say pratham and anajli will be teasing everyone wow it will be fun. They come and see that all the kids are calm. prem says wow you are expert with kids too now. Sid asks did anurga call you ? He says yeah he was saying to join a hospital. Prem says that a good idea. Nirvan has brought up as well. Sid says forward us your CV. Jahnvi says anurag has already forwarded it. I have an interview at . Prem says then go and prepare for it. What are you doing here ? we will handle the kids. jhanvi goes up.

Scene 4
Roli sees aditi at the hotel. she tells her about the box and how that man took it form simar like its had his life. khushi feels like she is talking to someone. She comes to her. aditi hides.roli says I was talking to sid. khushi says why did you stop here ? Me and surbhi are so hungry. We came to your room but you were not there. Khushi gets a call from sid. She says its sid’s call. he is saying he has been trying to call you fro so long. roli is shocked. her lie has been caught.
She says I forgot my phone in room and leaves. Khushi says there is something she ia hiding and I have to fins that.

Scene 4
Karthik is interviewing jhanvi on video call for the position of heaf nurse. Simar comes in the room and asks do you want anything ? Jhanvi says in heart that voice is like simar bhabhi’s.

precap – roli and simar are at a restaurant. Simar asks what your plan is ? Roli says let aditi come then we will decide. Vikran comes there and says whats goin on ? Roli and simar are shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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