Sasural Simar Ka 14th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 14th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar and Roshni come home. Mataji says forget what happened. Just be careful next time. Simar says go rest in your room. Mataji caresses her face and says yes you should rest. Roshni is about to slip. Vadahi holds her. Roshni shoves her. Anjali says Roshni come let me take you to your room. Mataji says how is that man? Simr says he is better now. I was so scared if anything happened to him Roshni won’t be home. Mataji says Piyush take Vadahi to out house. It’s late. Piyush takes Vadahi to out house.

Roshni says to Anajli I am scared. Anjali says you should be stupid girl. You are so dumb. You saw them and when after them? You can’t drive. Are you super woman? Roshni says I was so mad. Anjali says don’t let your brain work with anger. You control

your anger and plan well. If you had killed him you would be in jail. You would stay there with Piyush’s photo and Piyush would be married to Piyush. Roshni says what should I do now? Anjali says you really need to learn. You have to be in your senses. Even I too. We have to make our way for what we want. We have to get it.
Simar says we should find a solution of this. What you people think? Amar says we should drop Rsohni back to her place. Mataji says what would we say to Sumit? Amar says what would we had said to him if something had happened. Mataji says her safety is our responsibility. Simar says Amar is right. If she sees Piyush and Vadahi here she won’t be able to tolerate. She can do anything. I raised her since childhood. I can’t see her in this pain. I don’t know how to control her. So it is better that we drop her back to her place. Mataji says I think that’s better in these circumstances. Shalu says yes this is right. Roshni hears this. Simar says I should talk to Prem on call and talk to Sumit and drop Roshni back to her house.
Anjali says Roshni I told you this choti ma is your enemy. she can never see you happy.

Scene 2
Anjali says this Roshni is so stupid. It is so easy to provoke her. Anyway, I get entertained. Simar comes in and says anajli sanjev is not well. Doctor is here to check him. Come. Doctor says his BP is high. If it doesn’t get normal it might harm his heart. Vikram says but we are taking care of him. Doctor says there can be a lot of reasons like stress. His environment should be stress free.
Anjali says we should check his BP every day. Doctor says you are right. We should check it every day and try to keep him happy and stress free. Give him meds daily. Simar says Anjali very good suggestion. Anjali says I really care for his health. Simar says you will check his BP every day. Saroj says no I will do it. Simar says no Anjali can do it. We are here to keep an eye on her. Saroj says no no.. Anjali says I won’t disappoint you this time. Vikram says you better not this is your last chance.

Scene 3
Everyone is on breakfast table. Roshni sees Vadahi and Piyush sitting together. Roshni recalls everything. Piyush says to Vadahi you want something? She says no. He says are you okay? She says yes why? Piyush says nothing, eat.
Vikram comes and says good morning. Mataji says sit Vikram. Vikram asks Anjali did you give dad meds? She says yes. Anjali says in heart he has changed so much. I wish I could delete that video. Prem says simar did you talk to Mr. Kapoor? SImar says yes I told him that we are dropping Roshni back. He said he will pick her up. Anjali sees Simar’s phone on table. She steals Simar’s phone. Anjali says tai ji’s yogurt is over. Let me bring it. Simar says I will bring it.
Anjali says I have to delete that video. Prem says anjali.. Phone falls from her hands. Prem says what fell? Anjali says my phone. Let me check papa ji. She comes to her room and looks for the video. She finds it and deletes it. Anjali says now blackmail me. Simar comes in and claps. Anjali says do whatever you want I don’t care. You were blackmailing me with it I deleted it. Take your phone back. Simar says your generation thinks you are smarter than your parents but I am your mother anyway. Saroj is overhearing. Simar shows Anjali the video.
Simar says don’t be startled I have saved it at so many places from where will you delete them? Don’t try to do anything otherwise you know.. Go and check sanjev now. Roshni leaves in anger. Saroj wonders what was Simar showing to anjali that scared her so much.

Mataji says I don’t feel good sending roshni from here. Roshni comes downstairs with her luggage. Simar says Roshni don’t take anything wrong in your heart. You are like a daughter to me. And I.. Roshni says like a daughter not a daughter. Today because of that you are separating me from you. If I was your daughter you would have given me one chance like anjali di. Simr says you are thinking wrong. Rita says you think right Roshni. Sumit and Rita come in.

Precap-Saroj checks Simar’s phone and she is dazed. She sees the video and says they hid it from us? I have to tell this to Vikram. Raju overhears this and tells simar and prem. Simar says oh God. If saroj shows them to Vikram everything will be over. We have to stop her. saroj comes to vikram and says that anjali.. Simar and Prem come there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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