Sasural Simar Ka 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 14th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Piyush is crying in corridor. Roshni comes there and hugs him. She is crying. Piyush says what happened? Why are you worried? she says that inside.. He says what is it there? He goes inside. Roshni shows her the cage and says Vadhai sent me this. She threatened me that she will ruin my life. I am really scared. Please save me. Piyush says nothing would happen. Its all in your mind. Vadhi can never harm anyone. I know her very well. She says read this letter. Piyush says its blank. Roshni says I read it. Piyush says enough. You are married what you want now? You hate her now you are making these stories. You saw her yesterday and came up with this story. I can’t believe you can stoop so low. I won’t hear a single word against her.

Vadahi says the ink I wrote

with disappears in a while. But the pain I have written for you wont’ disappear Vadhai. You will pay for your sins.
Pandit ji gives Vikram the list of things for pooja.
Anjali gives Raghu cards and says give them to all the pandits. Saroj says wait. Saroj says let me check if you have forgotten someone. Anjali says don’t worry. I wrote names of everyone in the list you gave me. Toa ji says Saorj says I am sure she wrote all the names. don’t waste time. Saroj says I am just cross checking. Saroj checks the invites and says they are fine. Anjali says I won’t leave any shortcoming.This is my house as well. Saroj says yes that is why I gave you this responsibility. Anjali says thank you so much. I should check food now.
Vikram says we are leaving for site. Our phones wont work there. Saroj says yes you go work. I will handle everything here.
Anjali says in heart nothing would happen the way you want.

A man says to Piyush did you see laila’s dance. She is an item. Piyush says how dare you call her item. Piyush says where can I meet her? He says comes after performance. Piyush gives him money. Vadahi is looking at him.

Simar calls roshni. She says why are you talking like that? Roshni says I was watching a movie. SImar says where is piyush? Roshni says he is washroom. Simar says let me know if there is any problem.
Saroj gives the cook list of foods. She says there shouldn’t be onion and stuff. It is for pooja. He says okay.
The cook is leaving. Anjali stops him. She says you took no advance? Cook says I never take advance from them. I have been cooking for them. Anjali says I was saying that because I dont’ want a hardworking man to suffer. We are not financially strong. The servants have to suffer sometimes. Your payment would be huge too right? You should take advance. He says okay let me talk to saroj. Anjali says dont take my name.

Scene 2
Roshni stops Piyush. He says let me go. Roshni says please listen to me once. If you still think I am wrong you can leave. You can’t accept our relationship but our friendship wasn’t a lie. Piyush says what is it? Roshni says I know what you are going through. I know what you are suffering. I suffer seeing you this way. I can’t see this hatred for me in your eyes. I really loved you. So much that it blinded me. So much that I decided to kill myself. I killed myself but you brought me back. I don’t remember what you said or did after that. Roshnni says it was you decision not mine. You were in your senses I was unconscious. It was not my mistake then why am I being punished? Do I deserve your hatred? He leaves.

The cook asks Saroj for money. She calls Vikram and tao ji their phones are off. Saroj recalls vikram gave anjali money. She says anajali vikram gave you money. Ajali says he said we can’t use them. SAroj says he wont say no to me. I will return you. Anjali says I can’t give you from the without his permission. Talk to him. Once he says yes I wil. Saroj says his phone is off. If we don’t give cook advance who will cook then?
Anjali says give him my earrings. Anjali says are you mad? People will laugh at us. ANjali says I was just trying to help. Saroj says I will see what I have to do. ou
Saroj says to cook can you come tomorrow? I will give them to you. Cook says in heart I don’t think they can pay. cook says I am sorry I can’t work without advance. SAroj says you don’t trust us. then okay don’t cook. He leaves.

Precap-Khsuhi says to Vadahi are you senti? Don’t let love weaken you. Bury it in your heart and use it when you have to. Vadahi you and I will ruin bharadwaj house. roshni overhears them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Why they make vadahi negative ! it’s so bad , what about roshni and what she did to vadahi boring serial

  2. love it…..

  3. Such a comedy.. Now cheater roshni will become sanskaari bahu.. Chee.. It sud be that piyush divorce and marry vaidehi .but chei

  4. Actually vaidhahi anger is justified…but not for a long time this goes on…and moreover what roshini and bharadwaj family did a little with this girl ….for me what vaidhahi is doing is absolutely correct….nothing wrong

    1. Shaani

      I also agree… Her anger is justifiable…

  5. Nice episode

  6. Yes vaidehi anger very justified yaar I hate simar vusukoo tho vaidhai ke koye chenatha neya doo baar dhooka kaya that vaidehi na it’s not good and roshini is cheater she tried to kill vaidehi simar na vusooko saath dekara kaya sabatha karana hai simar koo

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