Sasural Simar Ka 14th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 14th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Fake roli does the pooja. whole family comes and joins her. She looks at sattu and says uma bhabhi don’t worry he will be fine. He says sid where is jeju? SId says after simar’s death he has stopped believing in God. Fake roli says in heart i a, sorry didi if you had listened to me, you would be with us. Roli says i have made your favorite breakfast. pari says roli has handled herself and this house very well after sinar’s death. Sujata says she has so much strength.

Prem dresses sanju and anjali for school. He says lets go for breakfast. Anjali says papa where is mama? Prem says mama is near us. SHe has gone to buy you gifts and toys. Now go to school. Sid comes and hugs them both. They say we will eat ice cream. sid says we will eat ice cream after school.

They leave, sid says till when will you punish yourself? it was not your mistake. prem says simar has gone away from me because of that jhumki. i will find her and punish her. Till then i wont sit with peace. Sid says why are you angry with God? Prem says GOd saw evrything still didn’t do anything. Mata rani is nothing more than an idol to me

Fake roli comes to mata ji who is paralyzed. She says i have brought you arti. She sits there and says i take care of everything still you have not accepted me. They day you accept me will be last day of your pain. I will make you okay. mata ji shakes her head. Fake roli says okay then stay like this. i know this family was of roli and simar but this is my house now. no one can throw me out now. and yes this shabratri i will bind myself to sid such that no one will ba able to apart us. rest is upto you.

Calendar and amar are outside bahardwaj house. Calendar says we should think twice before doing this, amar recalls vash’s death. calendar says what simar must have gone through. what if the fake roli is still in there? AMar says if i was scared of death i wont have been standing here. Prem is my pal i cant leave him like this. we have to go in and tell everyone truth. Amar rings the door bell. FAke roli opens but turns other side to picks up anjali who has fallen. Amar and calendar hide. amar says he is leaving here with ease. this means sima ris still forced and roli dont know where she is? I have to what haas happened. go find roli’s fake parents. They are shocked to see sushma and jatin in the street. They ring bell of bharadwaj house. fake roli opens the door and says you people? did you ring the bell before? jatin says no i just came. Prem takes out anjali and and sanju. amar says i am following prem, go in the house and find more about it.

Jatin says we have brought this prasad for you. you are our only family since jhumki took our shurti. Sujata says we are so grateful that you care about mata ji so much. fake roli says i wish didi was here. Sujata says stay strong. take them to mata ji’s room.

calendar peeks in mata ji’s room. He see jatin saying mata ji how are you? fake roli says mata ji we are done with arti now prashad time. mata ji is reluctant.They mix a powde in water. fake roli says because of this powder you are in this condition. Fake roli says ask baba ji to send a partner that will make mata ji accept me or either will kill her. They make mata ji drink the powdered water. Jatin says why dont you kill her? roli says i would have killed whole family i wants ot get sid’s love. Tomorrow i will do everything to make me and sid one.

Precap-someone walks in a hospital. They see a woman singing lulllaby to a toy baby.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Is really simar died?

    1. no shushi,she really did not die.

      1. then, where is she?

  2. dnt wry dr she will come back aftr her death as before

  3. No because they said in spiler that simmar is going to pretend that she lost her mamory and amar and amar knows that she is acting to save everyone anywaybshe is the main charatcter of the drama

  4. Then why simar was not shown today’s episode? Is there any suspense

  5. datz simar

  6. So stupid story

  7. guyz?
    calm down simar hasn’t died because she is the main character u get wat I mean its just impossible shes propbably in some hospital.

  8. uff whatever I was sooooooo happy at last this serial is going off air..

  9. But then where is roli???

  10. But tis pari and uma na will never praise roli and simar but nw praising this fake one

  11. Simar will be doing the drama of getting abnormal mtlb ki WO fake roli ko usike jaal me fasanewali hai……or shyd mahashivratri ke din fake roli will be revealing her reality……..

  12. the whole bhardhwaj family can believe any one from outside (NOW THEY ARE BELIVING JATIN AND SUSHMA SHRUTI’S PARENTS) but they never believed simar and rolli their own DIL . Prem and bhardhwaj family does not deserve like a DIL simar and rolli now prem is missing simar before prem may be believe simar she never jump from the terrace

  13. The woman whose singing a lullaby to the toy baby is simar… Wow so much changed in just two months o.o and still the same qsn… Where on earth is roli?? 🙁

  14. Is d show going off air???
    seriously?????but when????????????????
    Which show is coming in its place?

  15. pl reply asap…

  16. I think swarangini

    1. no yaar ashoka is 1hr serial.. it is reduced to 30min and it dat pace swaragini will come from 2nd march …

  17. Were s roli….?when dis fake roli role will end i hate her…

  18. sabrina jahan

    I think the women in precap is non other then simar. I think after that incident simar lost her memory or she has turned mad if she is shown alive in the show. After all the show’s name it self is sasural simar ka then how can simar die?? Point to be noted…

  19. I don’t think the story is gng to air off balikavadhu is still running

    1. ya ur correct …bv also not gng to air off nd ssk also .. me also thnkg like dat only…. incase if de shows go air off 1mnth before only de tell dat in news like sbs, sbb,e24 segments.. but its not given in any segment.. so i thnk dat.. bv and ssk serials not gng to air off….

  20. I think roli would be under the custody of tat varma family

  21. I am going with Sabrina jahan . that lady is simar

  22. U r rite srujana….

  23. Where is our roli ?

  24. No! swaragini at 09:30 pm

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