Sasural Simar Ka 14th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 14th February 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 14th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Fake sonia serves the sweet. Mata ji says it is made with love. She gives her a gift fro cooking first time in the house. Mausi ji says I will be on diet whole day so have to eat this sweet 4 times. Karuna and Sujata also praise the sweet. Sankalp says doesn’t taste like you have made it first time. It is so tasty. She says the credit goes to Simar and Uma. Roli comes in and says this is your phone. Some man called. Sonia says I don’t know whose number is this. She says have the sweet Roli. Sonia gives her the gift. Sonia says let me get more sweet for you all. She goes in the kitchen and calls the driver. She says i have told you a million times and that I will call you. He says she is out of my control and i am not a kidnapper. She says okay i am coming there.


Khushi comes to the living room. no one is there she planned on going out to se sonia. Suddenly the manager of sonia comes in. he says sorry to disturb you. I have to show you this file of a project. Simar and Roli come there and ask him to sit down. She says okay let me check the file. Sonia and Roli are there as well. She is going through the file and wonders what to do now. She can barely read a word. The manager says why are you going through the page won’t you read ? Sonia says actually the wedding is still on my mind so its difficult to focus on this. The manager says there is clause at page 15 check that out. Pari and Shalu come in say look who is here, Aarav. Roli says let me take you to your new chachi. Sid says to the manager what are you doing here ? I told you that sonia wn’t be able to work we will discuss it later in the office. Sonia gives him the file. Roli says sid is right you should enjoy these moments. Sonia thanks God for saving her from the file and all.
Scene 3
Billo calls the driver and says what the hell is wrong. He says I won’t be responsible if something happens to her. Sankalp comes in and she changes her tone. Sankalp says can we go out on lunch today ? She says actually i promised uma bhabhi that i will learn all the favorite dishes of the family and surprise them. He says that’s good. We will go some other day.
She comes down stairs and is about to go out when roli stops and asks her where is she going ? She says i am going to the bank, its something urgent. DOn’t tell anyone specially sid. he will be angry to know that instead of doing this all i had to leave the house.

Scene 4
The driver says to sonia you wanted to know who she is ? She is coming here to meet you. he opens the door and billo is there. Sonia is bewildered to see a face exactly like her. She says who are you ? And your face ? How is this possible ? Billo says have you forgotten yourself ? She says who are you ? Why are you doing this to me ? How couldn’t anyone recognize who you are ? Billo says don’t ask too much questions. She takes off her mask. Sonia is stunned. She says this is your face, it is all the magic of this mask. Why are you staring me ? i had to do that. And yes about the voice. She says in the accent of rani. Hello madam my name is rani now i am the queen of bhardwajs. She says that ghonghat was just a drama just to be around you. i learnt everything about you. i worked so hard and you are asking me how could I get caught ? How could they?

Precap-Billo gets out of the car and the masks is a little torn. She goes to the room and says only the one who made this can fix it. Roli knock the door and says come out mata ji is waiting for you. She wonders what to do now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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