Sasural Simar Ka 14th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 14th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Baba says to saroj is there any problem? Saroj says no no. Vikram says Anjali is preparing to wash your feet. She is coming. Anjali comes with water and bow. anjali says in heart I will do something that he won’t ever dare asking someone to wash his feet. She fixed ice in the water. Anjali pours water on his feet. He gives her blessings. Anjali wonders why the cold water didn’t bother him. Saroj picks the bowl. she drops it. Saroj says what was this anjali, the water is ice cold. Thats what you washed his feet with? Sanjev says what is this anjali? Anjali says its cold, thats tap water. Saroj says there is no ice cold water in the tap. Vikram says you could boil it. She says I did but then it got to hot. So i mixed cold water. Guru ji says it doesn’t matter to

me. When she said she didn’t do it deliberately then whats the point. She is a child she will learn with time. Anjali says sorry. Vikram says tai ji I have to take dad to doctor. They leave. Tao ji leaves as well.

Sumit comes to drop Roshni. Simar says I was missing you Roshni. Sumit says please take care of her. Simar says don’t worry at all. She won’t have any problem here. She is my daughter. Prem says yes Mr. Kapoor you gave simar and piyush shelter in bad times, this is nothing in front of that favor. Sumit says she favored us. Thank you so much. He shakes hand with prem and leaves. Simar says Roshni you will live with Vadahi. Simar says Vadahi show her the room. Roshni says Piyush will don’t worry. She takes Piyush’s hand says lets go.

Anjali is cooking. she says what nonsense it this? he doesn’t eat servants food.
Saroj says to guru ji why are you leaving? He says I have to leave today. guru ji says I know your problem. You daughter in law doesn’t mingle with your family. Saroj says she can’t live with all of us. Every day there is a new issue. I fear that amidst all this our Vikram will leave us. He says I have a solution to your problem. He gives her a cloth and says place it in her room. Anjali sees it. Anjali says she is doing magic now? She calls KB. Anjali says Kb I have to talk about something important. She tells KB everything. Kb says don’t let this go out of your hands. Create a fuss out of it.

Vadahi is helping simar in kitchen. Piyush comes and sees them cooking. He says ma you make her do a lot of work. She is so lean, she will disappear. Simar says we work you. You never said this. You want your mother to work. Piyush says we have servants. Simar says you better get me a daughter in law. He says I am not getting married. I am a child right now. Vadhia says what angle are you kid from? Simar says what kind of wife do you want? He says I like modern girls. She wear jeans and she likes to dance in parties so we can party every day. Simar says you will bring this kind of girl? Will she help me. Piyush says I am joking. I want a girl just like you. I mean who is like you and doesn’t talk much and is a little shy. Roshni comes in and says I know you from childhood. Her best quality is that she should be close to choti ma. Simar says yes she is right. Roshni knows you so well. No one can know whats in his heart more than you. Simar says Vadahi it will be over cooked.

Saroj comes in Anjali’s room and places the cloth beneath her bed. Anjali is looking in she says now see what i do. Anjali comes in and takes it out. She says now see.

Scene 2
Next morning, Anjali shuts the closet. He says what are you looking for? She says I can’t find my earring. He says it must be here. Anjali says help me you are sleeping. He says I will find it in a second. She says I placed it here near the bed. Vikram looks everywhere. He says did you check in the hall? She says did you look beneath the bed? Vikram looks beneath the bed and finds that cloth. He says what is this? Anjali says what is this? Open it. Vikram opens it. Vikram throws it on the floor. Vikram says how did it come here? What is this? Anjali recalls she woke up during the night and replaced the cloth with another one. Anjali says how would I know? I feel like the it is something like black magic. Vikram says who would place it in our room and why? Anjali says I know who did this.

Precap-Saroj says what is all this? Anjali says your truth got found so you are pretending. You are doing black magic on me? Saroj says I don’t know. Simar and prem come in. Anjali says I saw you taking this cloth from guru ji. Saropj says simar ji trust me.. Simar says I never thought you can do this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. P.N. Bhargava

    Anjali is too chalu to be caught by Taiji or befool Vikram. So long the chuiya advises her to do wrong acts she is safe.

  2. I’m happy for Simar, Piyush and Vaidhehi…….

    And guys do you know this, that vikram is Karthick mehta, not vikram…. he comes to take revenge from Simar………

    I think he is covered his face by surgery like vikram and he would kidnapped vikram…….

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