Sasural Simar Ka 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 14th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar comes backstage and sees Anjali giving money to a girl. She says Anjali.. Simar says good luck. I was so worried because of your lips they look so good now. Anjali says I told you no one listened. Simar says but your surgery decision was wrong. Anjali says please no lectures here. Please sit in audience. Simar says every has sent blessings for you. Simar says why were you giving her money? Anjali says I have to go get ready.
The competition starts. A the girls get ready. Tina is wearing a dress she gave to the girl. Tina says my dress feels uncomfortable. Her dresser says yes everything is fine.

All the girls come on stage and walk. Anjali comes as well. Everyone gets happy. After her Tina comes.. She walks and comes back. The judges asks models some questions.

She asks Anjali what is the most important thing in a girl’s career? Her family or career? Anjali says when you teach a guy you only teach him. When you teach a girl you teach a whole generation. When a woman is independent, a whole generation become independent. A woman should be both. She has to be powerful to run her family. She should have boldness and motherhood at the same time. Everyone is impressed.
The other judge asks Tina, if you become India’s prime minister what will you do for women? She says the bills for women that are stuck I will get them passed. The country where women are not respect they fail. She is feeling uncomfortable because of her dress. Tina says I wanna give women of this country their dignity back.

The host announces its the final round. All the girls walk again.
When Tina comes forward her strap breaks and it her dress falls from one side. Everyone is shocked. She holds her dress. Lilly says how did this happen. The media start capturing her. The reporter says we got a headlines. Tina is crying. They make her videos. Tina is crying. She holds her dress. Mataji says what kind of things are they saying. Simar says move aside all of you. She makes Tina wear a coat and says control yourself. She says shame on you all. Here you were talking about women empowerment and then you are taking pictures of her for your headline? These are mere words for you all. A photographer still captures her. Simar says stop it. Shame on you. Will this makes us great? She takes Tina inside.

Simar gives Tina water. She is crying and sobbing. Simar recalls Anjali giving money and that dress to the dresser. Anjali comes and says very bad this shouldn’t happen to anyone. I can understand your pain. Pain of insult. I have been through it. I feel very bad for you. Tina you can’t win this competition either. Simar turns back and slaps Anjali. Tina is dazed. Anjali says what is this mama? Simar says I know what you did. Anjali says she told judges about my lips in smile round. I had to take revenge from her. I had this right. Tina shouts and says you have no right to ruin my dignity in front of everyone. And revenge? What revenge are you talking about, I just came to win this competition. I didn’t come here to play these dirty games like you. you have been doing these since day one. You even provoked lilly against me. You ruined your lips yourself. Anjali says just shut up. This competition is a war for me. Everything is fair in love and war. Simar says you might win the crown but you have lost life Anjali. You have lost for me already. I am ashamed of you. You will never earn respect in my eyes.

Precap-The host says winner of this show is..
Anjali Bharadwaj. Anjali cries with happiness. Lilly makes her wear the crown. Vikram says congrats. You finally won.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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