Sasural Simar Ka 14th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 14th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Everyone tries to stop sid. Simar says what is wrong with you sid. you were never like this. The shadow says kill him sid. Sid says I will kill you. She took my roli from me. Prem and sankalp lock him in the room. Prerna says simar go from here you are safe here.
Jhanvi does her dressing. Simar says I am sorry prerna. prerna says don’t embarrass me. Mataji says I am really worried about sid. Why is he behaving this way. Is there a way? Prerna says people’s nature changes after some lost. that light in his room.. Maybe..Mata ji says what is she talking about. simar and prerna tell her everything. Simar says that bright was chandan maani. Mataji says but it was burnt. Simar says maybe a part of it was left. Prerna says let me go check. Simar says take care of yourself.

She checks there is no light. Suddenly someone shoves prerna off the stairs. Prem and everyone runs to her. Karuna says how did you fall? She says I was walking down the stairs. I felt like there was someone behind me.

Simar says prerna says why did you come here? Prerna says tomorrow is pooja for roli. What have you planned? Simar tells her the plan. Prerna says okay when tomorrow i thumb you up execute your plan.

Nest day, Pooja starts. Karuna says sid is not coming out and where is simar? Mataji says she better not come.Mataji says sid this pooja is for roli. Please come out. It is important for roli. Wont you do this for her? For her peace? Sid doesn’t come. Mataji says pandit ji start the pooja. Simar is waiting outside the door. Sid comes. Simar climbs to his room from a ladder. The chandan mani is there behind the curtain. It hides from simar. Simar says nothing is here. Pandit ji says give me something related to roli. Sid says I am bringing it. Simar sees the mani and picks it up. Sid is coming towards his room. simar says my idea was right.
There are so many questions I have to go from here. She hears footsteps and hides.
Sid opens the closet, simar climbs down the stairs. Sid sees her from the window. he says simar stop. He climbs down too and runs after her.

Mata ji says why hasn’t sid come back? Simar says I should break this maani. She takes a stone and breaks the maani with it. She buries it there.
Mataji and prerna tell everyone. Prem says why did simar have to take this risk.Mata ji says lets find them before something wrong happens. Simar comes in. Prem says are you okay? She says yes. Sid comes in with her luggage. Everyone is shocked.Sid says I am sorry for what I did. I was not in my senses. That maani provoked me to kill simar. Simar says I broke it and burried it. Sid says I am very sorry simar. Simar says you didn’t know what you were doing. He says I knew you could do anything for roli but still.. Forgive me. I am sorry mataji. Mata ji says its not your fault. He apologizes prerna as well. Mata ji says I feel like this day is a festival for us. Simar says tomorrow is besakhi. Roli’s favorite. Karuna says yes but she isn’t with us. Simar says we will still celebrate it.That is what roli wanted. She wanted us to stay happy. So tomorrow we will all celebrate it for roli. Sid says yes for roli.
Amar says I will arrange everything with sattu and shalu. Mata ji says call your friends too. Mata ji says prerna. Thank you for everything. She hugs her. Simar says prerna thank you. You are part of our family now.

Simar calls swara. Swara says how are you? She says I heard about roli. I felt so bad. Simar says I can’t believe.. I feel like she will come running and hug me. Swara says only you know your pain. She wont like you sad. Simar says I know. We are celebrating besakhi tomorrow. you have to come with your family. Swara says I will come but I can’t promise about others. Simar says I understand. Swara says I will come for sure. Swara says I should help simar forgetting her pain. I can do that much for a friend.

Precap-Simar and Swara will stop chandan maani together.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Avika please coneback

  2. Please someone raise a petition,to production house and to avika gor to return back….,

    im sure avikagor Doesn’t come back as she has 1 tamil film and 2 telugu flicks in her hands now, and i know we cant stop anyone who wants to achieve more successful career,im sure Avika has reached all the hearts as Roli, She is missing SSk too her posts in insta, twitter says the same… but yet her career is important, i see comments stupid idiot serial, why we need to take it as serious just watch it in a simple way, showing something un-natural is called Media, even i miss Rosid secenes a lot ,and missing her but we cant hep out….!! there are lakhs of ppl watching this flick with intrest as they are watching from 2011.yes its boring serial and track , yet intresting one i could say…!!! so thats why its TRP’s is still high… when we watched kyun ki sass bi kabhi bahuti for 10years the same track boring … this is better than that… !!So please dont scold the hard work by the team….!!!
    yet please watch it now for siddhanth if u all like to wish to see….!!
    Avika we miss u for sure in the flick .. yet i wish u to be one of the top most bollywood actress, please work on it… :):)
    Even i m part of viewer of this flick .. nothing personal

  3. Sorry if i was rash …. 🙁

  4. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Atiba mam this is the first pic of ssk show… Pls change current track pic.. Why u are not changing??? Pls change it mam it will be colorful Na… Pls post chandramani and simar pic there.. PS change it becoz roli is no more in this show..

  5. i dnt like tis prerna…mataji and simar is giving importance to tis prerna…she wont replace our roli in tis house…if there is anyways pls avika come back..

    1. yes dear…that stupid dumbo family supports all d idiots under earth n giv importance to them..except roli..that family doesnt deserve roli…nw also aftr.roli death…by saying its.roli wish they r doing festivals(read in spoilers) i hate ssk..i hope once a allien vl cum n kill entire sasural of simar

  6. please bring back Avika else please stop this nonsense serial

  7. no new partner for siddhant

  8. Please come back roli

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