Sasural Simar Ka 13th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 13th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sunanda says to Mohini simar has left for mahakumb. Mohini says i knew she would do this. she is coming to find out my end, I will kill her here. Do as i asked you. Sunanda says yes don’t worry about here. I will handle everything here.

Simar is on her way. She gets a call. Mata ji says have you reached? Simar says I will reach in a while. Simar says what is it? Mata ji says no everything is okay. Just a little worried for you. Simar says I am scared too how will I find her end but I know that God will help us like always. Don’t worry. Mata ji says you are right. Be careful. Amar asks what did she say? Mata ji says she is fine. Doctor says Khushi is fine now. She is out of danger. We have arranged a nurse for her here. Mata ji says thank you so much. You know what we are

going through I mean its dangerous for her to live here. Sujata says she is right. Sujata says Jhanvi will take care of her. Jhanvi says yes i will. Doctor says okay, call me if needed. Mata ji says sujata we have to take care of prem and khushi. Until simar is back you and rajhinder will live with prem in my room. Don’t open the door no matter what. Keep sanju with you too. Rajhinder says how can we. Mata ji says try to understand. I know God is with us but we have to be careful as well. I don’t want us to fall prey to their plans this time. Mata ji says jhanvi bring Sanjina. Mata ji sasy uma and karuna arrange their food in the room so they don’t have to come out. Mata ji says I hope simar finds it out and our family is complete again.

Mohini is in mahakumb awaiting simar. She keeps an eye on every car. She says this is the only way to enter. Simar must be coming from here and I wont let her pass. Mohini sees simar in the car. Simar sees Mohini. Simar says to driver why did you stop the car. He says look there. Mohini is standing in front of simar’s car. She is around simar’s car in all four conrners.

Pari says to mata ji simar can’t even reach there. she wont ever ome back either. she has gone to her death. She laughs.
Driver says who is this madam. Why is she every where around the car. Simar says you keep driving. He says but she is here. simar says this is just illusion. Nothing will happen. He says what if i hit her.simar says driver fast. The driver moves. He says what was this? Simar says don’t worry about anything. Simar says we are safe as soon as the car is moving. Just dont stop the car before mahakumb.

Pari says make1 whatever plan you want. I will fail it. Mata ji says because of that mohini you want to harm your family and I can’t even punish you. Pari says you are helpless. Mata ji says yes i can’t hurt you but i can stop you. She puts gangajal around pari’s chair. Pari says stop it. Mata ji says it wont let you fight againt us. There is a knock on door. Pari laughs.

Simar asks how far is mahakumb? driver says just five minutes away. the car stops. simar says I asked you not to stop the car. He says its stopped itself. Driver comes out of car to check. Mohini throttles the driver. She says you were taking simar to mahakumb? I wont leave you. Simar says please leave him. Simar stops people and says people help me. Mohini says they can’t see and hear you. The driver is dead. Simar runs from there. Mohini looks around for her. She says where is she gone now. Mohini runs to find simar.
Simar runs towards the jungle. Mohini says you made it easy for me.

There is a knock on door. Mata ji says don’t open the door. Pari says they will break the door. Amar says you all go in the temple I will check who is outside the door. Uma says what if they attack you. amar says you are all in trouble because of me.
amar opens the door and falls back.

Mohini reads her mantra in jungle. She says wherever you hide simar you can’t conceal yourself from me.
Everyone is scared. There are two withces on the door. Behind them follow many other in line. Everyone is scared. Mata ji says who are they al. Sunanda enters in the end. She says they are all my pals. Karuna says witches? Sunanda says yes they are./
Mata ji says amar come here. He tries to run but one withc stops him and says why are you in such a hurry amar? Amar falls down. Sunanda says you should welcome your mother in law. Why are you scared of me. And you all. you are all hidden behind the temple. This time i have a sloution for that too. She claps. Some thugs come in. She says we can’t enter the temple but humans can.
Mohini will send simar up and i will send you all.

Simar is hidden behind some trees. she says I think mohini has left. She comes out. Mohini comes in front of her. she says you thought youb would be safe in jungle. Simar says you are scared of me this is why you are trying to stop me. I will find your end anyway. Mohini says you will die before that. You will have to die today. Everyone who came in my lost their lives. your turn this time. Simar o[mes her purse. Mohini says no and tries to hold her hand. Simar drop that purse. She tries to pick it up mohini stops simar from her tail. Mohini says i will show you my real power today. she shoves simar with her tail. Mohini says you want your bag? Come take it. She puts her hand on simar’s hand. Mohini says you brought stuff to stop me. Come take it. You are hurt right? but I don’t have another option. This pain is temporary. You will release after some time. Simar says in heart i cant fight her but I have to reach mahakumb. Mohini says look what I did to you. Look in my eyes you will see your death. Simar looks in her eyes. she shoves mohini’s hand and takes the purse. Simar throws sindur on her. mohini screams. Simar runs from there. Mohini says where is she gone?

The men enter the temple. They try to take all the family out. They dra mata ji. Jhanvi and uma try to hit them but the thugs take them all out. Sunanda says so we are in front of each other now. Lets start the session. Pari says unrope me sunanda. Sunanda says we made you so powerful pari but you are of no use. Always get roped. Sunanda steps on the sindur mata ji put around pari’s chair. She steps back. Sunanda says clean it.

Simar stands on a cliff. She turns back mohini is standing behind her. Mohini says so? where will you run now? You death is all around you. One side is the cliff and other side here I am. So what will you do now?
Simar says they say Mahakumb ends all your pain. And i came here to find solution of this problem for my family. Now God you will decide if I win or lose. I don’t accept dying from her hands. She jumps off the cliff. Mohini is dazed. Simar falls in the water. Mohini says you came to beat me? your God didn’t save you simar. This is my game I had to win. I won simar. I won.

Precap-Some women enter the house with a lot of sindur. they put it on all the witches. Mata ji says now i will show you how this game ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Thank you atiba for update..nice precap kill sunanda mataji and simar pls kill mohini..

  2. Wat is tis yaar its more tan a month without rosid…..writers r checking our patience….plzzz show them fast v cant wait more….

  3. There was so much of hype created that today simar will find the truth in mahakumbh and in reality she wasnt able to even enter it. Waste of one hour time.bull shit serial.

  4. this episode came on sunday as well……………wow……………….I need the address of this production team………….I want to kill them.

    1. cal me wen u go..???

  5. Precap is very awsome . i like this serial too much.. i just wanna see the end of mohni. but i don’t like one thing in this serial because this serial base of friction or fantasy not on reality .

  6. khushboo sharma

    plz end this mohini’s game……simar will win and mohini will lose becoz simar’s matarani is with her
    you have to win simar…..

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