Sasural Simar Ka 13th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Bhairavi sees Simar in two places and gets mad

Sasural Simar Ka 13th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhairavi seeing Simar inside the room and also in the room. She wonders what is happening? Bhairavi gets Simar’s call and gets shocked, shouts and asks everyone to save her from Simar’s soul. Everyone ask what happened? Bhairavi says this is not Simar, but her soul is locked in the store room. She asks everyone to come with her. They all go to storeroom, but can’t see anybody. Mata ji asks where is Simar. Bhairavi says this is fake Simar’s trick. Simar says it is your assumption. Mata ji says now we have to get you treated in mental asylum. Sameer thinks this is fake Simar’s trick to make my mum mad. Mata ji tells Sameer that they shall get her treated and says she knows some doctor. Sameer says Maa don’t need any doctor and asks her to come. Simar says Sameer

is right, we shall not send her to mental asylum. Prem says we shall not take this lightly.

Bhairavi tells Sameer that she wants to scare her and wants to take revenge on her. Sameer asks her to sleep and says if you behaves like this then nobody will trust you. He promises that nobody can harm her until he is with her. Roshni sees the dream of the temple and Simar is crying and asking for help from Piyush, Prem. She wakes up and tells Piyush that she is getting this dream again and again. Piyush says we will go to that temple and seeks goddess blessings and may be you will not get such dreams again.

Tania tells Aarav that they will buy a car in USA. Aarav gets emotional seeing the family pic. Simar and Mata ji comes there. Simar says we have to leave some memories behind to move on in life and asks you are getting emotional in this era. Mata ji says we can talk to each other via video call. Simar says why you are worrying when you will come and meet us sin 3-4 months. Aarav says yes. Simar asks him to take mata rani’s blessings. Pari gets emotional and asks Tania to take care of Aarav and asks him not to forget them. Sameer says I will drop them. Mata ji prays to God for their good and happy life. Roshni asks shall I serve you food. Mental asylum people comes there and says we want to take our patient Bhairavi Kapoor. Prem asks who filed the complaint. Doctor says it is in our register and asks where is the patient. Mata ji asks him to check and says she is in room. Doctor checks him and says she is mad. Shera says now you will tell everything truly.

Bhairavi says I will see you and asks Doctor to leave her. Doctor gives her electric shock. Shera thinks very soon she will tell the truth. She starts telling the words related to Simar’s murder slowly. Sameer comes and slaps Doctor. He asks Piyush who called him here, I know truly. He says where is Simar Maa, call her. This is her trick. Simar comes and calls him Sameer beta. She asks why you are angry. Sameer asks her to end her drama and tell them that you have called the doctor here. Simar says I didn’t know anything as I went to temple. Sameer asks her to end her drama and threatens to expose her. Sanjana asks what nonsense, how he can talk to her Maa like this. Sameer says very soon you will identify her truth. He asks Bhairavi if she is fine and takes her from there. Bhairavi thinks it is good that Sameer and Sanjana have an argument and their relation will end.

Precap: Bhairavi goes to a tantrik and tells him everything. Tantrik comes home. Simar looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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