Sasural Simar Ka 13th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 13th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sankalp throws Khushi out of the house. He says pack your stuff and get out. Khushi says please listen to me. He says don’t test my patience. Khushi says uma pari.. Are you with me? They shove her hand. Khushi says how can you do that. Khushi says amtaji please ask them not to kick me out. Mataji shoves her hand as well. KB says why isn’t anyone listening to me. I accept I made a mistake. Don’t kick me out. Khushi says Anjali.. Anjali says KB stop don’t ever dare coming near me. I hate you so much. I hate you. Anjali runs upstairs. Mataji see what you did. Anjali loved and trusted you the most. She gave you place of a mother and you did this with him. She doesn’t even wanna see your face. Sankalp says why are we even talking to her? Pack your stuff

or I will throw it out myself. Simar says stop Khushi.. Simar swipes Khushi’s tears. Simar says I warned you not to play with my daughter’s future. You will be punished for what you did but by staying this house. We kicked her out once and she came back. She will come back. She will stay here between us and will be alone. Mataji says simar is right this way we will keep an eye on her as well. Amar says this is right. Sankalp says if this time you try to harm my family you won’t be able to bear the consequence. uma says pari we would have to stay away from her. Pari says you are right.
Anjali is throwing stuff from balcony. She says you broke my trust. I will never forgive you. Sankalp says shift your stuff to guest room.
Rajhinder says God saved us. Mataji says we should thank these kids for saving Anjali. Piyush touches Mataji’s feet. They are leaving. Mataji holds Piyush’s hand. Mataji looks at Prem. Prem goes to his room. Piyush leaves as well.

Anjali is throwing stuff in anger. Anjali says I hate you all. sImar says open the door. Why are you punishing yourself? ANjali opens the door and says what was the mistake of your six years old daughter that you punished her? Why you left me with these people who are not trust worthy? There is not difference between you and KB. They both broke my heart. KB is not my mother but you were. Because of this, the hatred for you won’t be over simar. I will hate you forever. She locks herslef in the room and cries. Prem says simar sorry for what anjali said she is mad and emotional. I can’t thank you for what you did. It would be an dishonor. i am sorry for not trusting you earlier. Simar says don’t embarrass our relation. you were standing there with me. I am grateful our Anjali came back home. There is so much pain in her heart. It would take her some time. Anjali is crying.

Scene 2
Simar says let me wake up Anjali but first make her favorite breakfast.
Khushi comes with breakfast and says my doll’s breakfast. ANjali says what is this? DO you wanna give me poison? Get lost. Simar says didn’t hear what my daughter said? Get lost. Khushi leaves. Simar says I know you are mad but its not food’s fault. I made you fav sandwich. Please eat. Anjali says I am sorry for last night. Simar says its okay. It happens. I will feed you with my hands. Anjali stops her hand and takes the sandwich. Anjali feeds simar with her hand. She thrashes it in her face. Anjali says I said sorry because I said way less than I should have. Simar is coughing. PRem comes in an says anjali she did everything for you. You should thank her, Anjali says I would thank her when she leaves my house. Mataji says what happened? Anjjali says I was pretending all the time. I can’t do anymore. If she wants her better ask her to leave my life. Prem says you dont know what is right or wrong. Anjali says if you kenw right and wrong you won’t have accepted her back. I have never seen a weaker man than you. She showed you some actions and you fell for her? Simar is about to slap her and says Anjali si that how you talk to papa? Enough. You kept insulting me I didn’t say a word. I won’t hear a single word about Prem. You are forcing us to change our behavior.
Prem ji call lawyer and ask him to prepare a document in which you write you disavow her of all the property. Anjali says what is this. Prem says Simar is right. I am calling the lawyer. Anjali says mataji dadu.. They all leave.

Precap-Mataji says to Khushi give keys to Simar. Khushi says why? Mataji says because simar isn’t only our daughter she is our daughter in law as well.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. P.N. Bhargava

    Since the very begining Billo entered Bhardwaj house as Sonia Oberoi has been acting as a floor dancer not fit to remain in Bhardwaj house till date. She should be handed over to Police but you will not do this because you would like to drag on.

  2. Is that anjali is mad……how can she scold simar even though she saved her life.anjali is very bad girl when she will believe that simar is all doing for anjali.

    Tq atiba for the update.

  3. pls put today’s episode it feels like cryingggggggggg

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