Sasural Simar Ka 13th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 13th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The women pour ganga jal on badi amma. She screams. Mata ji says please God we are doing this all for Roli and Simar. Mataji asks Pari and khushi to go together in one direction.
They take badi amma with them as well. On the way, badi amma tries to run from Pari and Khushi. She laughs. They grasps her again and take her towards the temple.
The women enter the temple. Khushi falls in a ditch. She holds the edge. They all pull her up. They reach near the temple. Badi amma pledges please leave me. Mata ji says do you remember what you did? We were asking for Roli and simar’s life you didn’t hear. Sujata says when we were in pain you never cared. Why should we? Come in. Khushi says you will go through what we have been through and you indra as well.So you never do this again with anyone else.

Guru ji says to sid and amar there should be no miss in the plan. Sid says we will take prem from here today.
Mata ji says we dont have much time we have to go in the temple. Badi ama faints. Mataji says we have to leave her here. They go inside.

Guru ji reads his mantra. Amar and sid get ready.
Indra says there is something that is wrong. Guru ji enters her house. she says how can he enter even when badi made the circle. She starts reading her mantra. Amar throws water on her. Amar says lets go in from the window. amar says i wont let anything happen to guru ji. Do as we decided.
Amar goes in and says are you scared to see guru ji? Evil is often scared of good will. Indra says that made me laugh. you think he will save you? He can’t protect himself. Where is sid? Amar says he is shopping for your death. We will kill you and take prem from here.

Precap-Badi amma says there are 5 pots, find them before candle blows. One of them has the powder that will opent he door.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice episode sad we have to wait to watch what happens as it is weekend.

  2. super episode

  3. Can anyone tell me when wil roli return .am fed up with dis track .

  4. Rather than simar or roli ,mataji is the playing lead role nowadays y not change it as sasural mataji ka .tat would be an apt title ?

  5. No yaar tis Sunday v have 1hr episode of sasural simar ka so u no need to wait……

  6. After long time today i felt happy seeing badi Dayan and indravathi condition……,waiting for roli……

  7. Nye episode

  8. Waiting for avika

  9. Ya guyzz eagerly wait to c avika as roli n ssk missing her lot

  10. Waiting for sunday episode seems it would be a turning point in tha track.hope so …lets see

  11. Avika gor is busy in South Indian movie projects

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