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Sasural Simar Ka 13th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

scene 1
Everyone is teasing prem and simar. Simar sees the woman in balcony and is sacred. The wedding garland falls off her hand. Everyone is dazed to see her. The woman stands with her hands on the back. She comes downstairs. simar recalls inspector telling them the woman is still at large. Mata ji says who is she? and what is she doing here? Simar recalls the shopkeeper telling them that a woman came out of the car and hit prem.

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Mata ji says didn’t you listen who you are? suddenly all of them start to faint. everyone is falling on the floor one by one. simar says mata ji what happened. only sid roli

simar and prem are fine. suddenly roli and sid faint as well. Prem says what is all this? The woman holds prem from his neck and throws him on the floor. prem starts to shiver. Simar says what happened? he says my body is numb. Simar tries to get him up. Simar stas are you okay? He says I can’t feel my hands. the woman grabs simar’s hand. Simar shoves her. She is shocked to see when the cloth falls off. its vikrant. Simar and prem are dazed, simar says you did all this. you wanted to kill prem? vikrant grunts yes. I did all that with prem. He says you have been doing this joke with me since so many days. Just recalls how many times you have hurt me. I considered myself responsible for your miseries. I never wanted to fall for you it just happened. I realized when prem came back to your life. He threw you out of his house and insulted you. I was the one. He wanted divorce from you. After all this uyou still love him. why? You could never see my trouble? you ignored me every time. You wanted to be sanju’s mom but not my wife? why are you so unfair. Simar syas please vikrant you are my pal. he says I don’t need it I love you and I want you to be my life partner. prem is trying to get up. He says vikrant. Vikrant shoves him. Vikrant syas you were lucky that you were safe. I don’t know how that bablo saw the accident and became a witness. siamr says this means you concealed him? He says yes. he got to know my reality. he went to room t change and my men took him from there. he had to die. I am lawyer I know how to deceive law. I was with sid and removed all the proofs. You found prem. I lost in front of your love. I have not flunked though, look at my new plan. everyone is sleeping. I mixed pills in their drinks and I gave prem and injection that made his body numb. He can see us and scream but can’t stop me. I want him to see me and you. I am not a coward my love is true. I love you. I will take you out of here and no one will stop me. He picks prem and throttles him. He says siamr used ot cry because of you. I will remove all the boundaries. simar says stop him. He holds simar’s hand and says we will go away from ehere where ypu and I will be alonel. they don’t care about you. They are all eman and selfish and this man married surbhi. He doesn’t deserve you. promise I will never leave you alone.

Precap-Vikrant drags siamr out of bharadwaj house. bboth simar and prem are sceaming.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What is this yaar ??? Everyday the same thing keeps repeating !!! People don’t wish to see the same thing again and again… either change the storyline or stop this serial

  2. I actually want simar and vikrant 2gether

    1. this is not correct bec’z she is never tell him she is love him . then why u telling like that ab vo sabardhrasisa laykar gaya vo acha haykay bathna . ab uska sachayi pathana vo dono nahi yakhoha

  3. there is no need to change vikrant as negative any way whatever he says about prem and bhardhwaj family is exactly correct they are so selfish very good script writter also vikranth acting was so good. i need simar should understand his feelings and together with vikranth because again any one
    come and told about simar wrong means they are throw her out again like
    surbi. but they wont throw their own people if they do any mistake like before janavi done

  4. Very boringgg serial

  5. Y this serial is getting worst same lyk shastri sisters ha,,,, Pls Pls dnt make vikrant as -ve Pls Pls,,,,,,,,,, ammmmaaaaa this story written made my vikrant as -ve I dnt want c this serial n I’m stopping to c this serial also along vit shastri sisters…… Ha Pls dnt spoil Rv n ishaani story oly remaining is tht one Pls Pls

  6. I m beging u guys….plssssssssssssss end this seriallllllllllllll

  7. very boring yaar

  8. sharmila soosai raj

    i already knew it would be vikrant who is doing all this. Its obviously predictable. We have already seen this kind of twist in tamil serials……

  9. Me, too……. Cos prem is not good for simar and write has being so unfair to surbhi. The serial is so easy to predict and boring……

  10. Part of what vikrant said is true. But simar trusted him so much. How could vikrant do that. …

  11. So stupid serial yaaaaarrrr…we want prem n simar together n if any problem comes than prem simar should solve it together….don’t want them to be apart…

  12. Its simars sasural so we want simar back….no vikrant n surbhi should interfere

  13. i think amng al d television serials its d sasural simar ka in whuch heroine s made to cry al d tym.. its really d wrst.. why dont dey get anythng new in d serial apart frm makng everyone -ve. d routine stry.. it shud ve been sasural rone ka

  14. Y the serial is becoming these days…come on people its more than 1000episode what is the end

  15. plz don’t show vikrant as -ve person.

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