Sasural Simar Ka 13th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 13th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
KB says how can you think we will let that Kaal in.. Piyush comes inside and says what? He says mom.. Simar is about to caress his face. She recalls what happened. Piyush says what happened ma. Why are you all looking at me like this? KB says when you are here how can anything be okay? Piyush says something happened? Pari says you are the problem yourself. Vikram says what has Piyush done? Anjali says you did something Piyush? Piyush says why don’t you people tell me what is wrong? I don’t even remember how i reached anajli’s house. Simar holds his hand and take him to temple. Simar says you wanna know the truth? i will answer you everything. I told but you didn’t believe.. You are Kaal. Piyush is dazed. He taken over you. Piyush says what are you saying ma..

You love me. I am your son. Mataji I am your grandson. I am not Kaal. I can’t do anything wrong. Mataji is silent. He says Roshni you love me right. Please tell ma I am not Kaal. Roshni says its true Piyush. He is in tears. I wont’ have agreed if I didn’t see your behavior on your birthday. She tells him what he did. Roshni says you killed my papa. Piyush says no I can never do that. He was like my father. He sits on the floor and cries. He saysI can’t do this. I can’t kill my father like man. He brought me up. Simar says listen.. He says don’t come near me. I might harm you. I don’t wanna harm anyone. What have I done.. I will never forgive myself.
Mataji says if that doesn’t happen again we have a solution. Simar says we trying to get that Kaal out of you. Piyush says how? Ridhima comes in and says I will tell you that Piyush. You need to make sure whatever I am doing I need your consent for it. Without your support I can’t do this. Piyush says I will do whatever you say. If I am Kaal.. I have done all those sins. I have lost Kapoor uncle. I wanna give myself a chance so I can forgive myself. I give myself to you. So this doesn’t happen again.

Kb says he is doing all this drama. Uma says maybe he is Kaal and doing all this drama. Piyush holds Simar’s hand. He says even if you have to take my life you won’t hesitate. Simar says no my son. I won’t let that happen. We will save you. Ananiya looks at Ridhima. She recalls she said we will have to kill Piyush.

Ridhima says we don’t have time. We have to start this tonight. Kaal will have to come tonight.

Scene 2
At night, Ridhima starts mantra. Piyush sits there. KB says if Kaal comes.. we are all done. We will be killed. Uma says please save us God.
Kaal starts coming inside Piyush. He rotates his neck. Everyone is scared. Piyush screams. He screams who called me.. Ridhima says why are you on this land? Kaal laughs. He says I will destroy everything. Everyone is scared and dazed.
He says I waited so long. I will control this Piyush. I am free of her motherhood chains. I am Kaal. In next 24 hours I will destroy this world. And if someone comes in between

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Update Credit to: Atiba

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