Sasural Simar Ka 13th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 13th May 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 13th May 2013 Written Update

Sujata tells infront of Matarani that they came to take Roli and why it all happened.Sid tells her not ot fold hands.Sujata asks why is he saying that?Sid tells that he couldn’t save Roli.He tells her to forgive him.She tells a mother can never leave her son.She tells Sid that nothing can happen to her when they are with her.She tells Matarani is everyone’s mother and it was Matarani’s decision to save them by letting them know the truth.Rajendra calls Sujata and Sid.They both fold hand infront of Matarani.
Simar is sitting in her room remembering moments spent with Roli.She looks at the sky and tells that she must be happy today knowing that Sid didn’t cheat her and she is his only love.She tells that they got to know the truth at the right time and Naina didn’t succeed

in marrying Sid.She tells that there is no value of this joy without her.
Sid and everyone reaches home.Rajendra tries to open the door with the key.Veeru comes there and takes the key.Everyone gets shocked to see him.He throws the keys and tells that they must be thinking how can he be alive.He tells that he came here to tell that this house belongs to him now and they can’t enter without his permission.Sid tells that he will kill him.Khushi comes there and tells them to stop.She tells Sid not to dare to take his hands on the owner of this house otherwise they will have to regret it.Khushi tells that Roli died before the paper could be registered at court and Veeru got the property back.

Veeru goes to open the door but Veeru drags him back and tells that its Mataji’s property and people like him can’t stay here.He tells Veeru that he will kill him.Mataji gives him her swear and he leaves Veeru.Khushi tells that she knew they would do that and that’s she brought lawyer with her.She calls the lawyer.

She asks lawyer to tell them that they don’t own Bharadwaj house anymore. Lawyer shows property papers to them and says, Veeru gave his own name as nominee, and as Roli is dead now.. property automatically goes back to Veeru. Veeru asks them to move away from his way. Sid is angry, but his mother stops him. Veeru and Khushi hold each others hands and are about to go in. Rajender calls police station to let them know that Veeru ran away from the lockup, but Veeru tells him why are you wasting police’s time? Lawyer shows his bail papers to Bharadwaj and also tells them that they only 48 hours to leave this house.

Lawyer leaves. Veeru opens the door. He asks Mataji to enter. Mataji gets shocked seeing house completely changed. Veeru says, why are you shocked? It’s obvious that house look will change as owner has changed. Didn’t you like the decoration? Khushi says, you don’t need to ask 2 days guests about their choice. Veeru then invites Mataji to go in, but Khushi stops her and says, first the owners enter the house, and then guests.

Precap: Veeru tells Mataji, you can live in my house as a guest, but only for 48 hours.

Update Credit to: Tanya

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