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Sasural Simar Ka 13th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Malti wakes up and says you have no idea what you are doing Simar. Waking up souls means calling your death. She coms and sees Simar doing pooja. Madhvi says what is she doing? Malti says this is her new plan. I know. Simar says this is mata rani’s purity thread. All of you wear it on your wrist. Everyone does. Malti says so this is it. She is so clever. We can’t control any of them. Simar says mata ji let me tie in your wrist. She ties in mata ji’s wrist. Suddenly black smoke comes out of her. Everyone is dazed. Mata holds her head. Malti says we have lost her as well. Mata ji says why I feel like I have woken up after days. I don’t remember anything. Simar says you don’t have to worry about anything. This is what I called you all here for. Past few

days have been terrible for us. Those three souls are responsible for them. And they are somewhere around. Mata ji says how is this possible. Simar says it started with you. Mata ji says I am fine what happened to me? Simar says let me tell you. She tells her mata ji’s behavior. Prem says we felt like it wasn’t even know. Roli says we tried a lot to stop you. They were after sanju as well. Karuna says who are they and what they want? Mata ji says tell me clearly who are these ghosts trying to harm my family. Mata ji sees Malti and is scared and shocked. Mata ji says she.. She stutters. Mata ji says how is this possible. Prem says Sughanda aunty, she has been living here with us for one month. Mata ji says she is not sughanda she is malti. Everyone is dazed. Mataji says Malti.. she died years ago. Malti laughs. She turns into her real attire. Everyone is scared.

Malti says you remember nimo? You stabbed your own friend. I died because of you and now I will avenge my death from your whole family. Mata ji says you are lying. I never betrayed you. Whatever happened to you was because of your own sins and you can’t hold me or anyone responsible for it. Even death couldn’t change you. You are still that cunning. You used me against my family. what did you get? Malti says vengeance. I could be the most powerful witch but you ruined it. Now I will seek my revenge. None of you can stop me. I don’t fear losing anything. Nor can you kill me because I am already dead. The thing I couldn’t do alive, i will do it now. Don’t be so shocked. Lets see what I do next. Mat ji says you couldn’t do anything back then and even now you cant harm me or my family. Malti says I was alone back then but today I am not. This time the one with me will make your life living hell.
Suddenly winds start blowing. Madhvi appears. Mata ji says she.. madhvi says intro has been made now war will be fun. Malti says we will ruin your lives. and then you will all have to run from this house.

Pari says I have packed everything. Karuna says how can we leave the house. Pari says saving life atm is more important. uma says Pari is right. Mata ji says you are all giving up? Pari says we should seek help form some baba. Uma says we called guru maa see what happened to her. Pari says we all should leave this house then. Simar says we will all stay here in our house.

Precap-Simar says I put on a bet too. Today before 12, go find that chanadan maani, if you do then its yours. If you don’t then you will have to leave this house. Malti says I accept the challenge.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. A genral logic question to to the writter…. youll will be telling that mhatarani will always protecting you and youll pray so much… then how can evil enter your house when there is a remebering of god in each and every work….. then how can these happen with simar…..for these serial there is only one word baaakwaaas….and god may test for once and but not evry tym….think before you write the story…..ull are showing it to the audience….you ll telling that even if we pray so much we get only difficult situations…….i wonder how these serial has so much trp

  2. There is some mistakes in my comments but writters please understan it…..

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