Sasural Simar Ka 13th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 13th March 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 13th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Khsuhi says there is nothing in that phone but what if she investigates about the number. Its on my name. Roli calls the center and says i want details of a sim card. Khushi has called as well. The agent says we can’t tell you the details. Roli says its emergency. Khushi calls the other one and says someone is trying to kill me please don’t give any information about my sim card. They deny roli. Roli says Rajesh must know about Rani. I should talk to that butler.

Scene 2
Simar says to jhanvi that I have talked to doctor anurag he won’t talk about marriage anymore. I said you don’t want it. But I have seen care for you in his eyes? Are you still on your decision ? Jhanvi says he can get a much better girl than me. Simar says you should join the office

now. He won’t say any such thing now. jhanvi says i don’t want to. She says you should.

Scene 3
Roli is going somewhere and Khushi is following her. Roli doubts that someone is following her. Khushi strikes with Verma. She says are you blind. Mrs verma says whats wrong with you sonia. She says I am in a hurry. khushi sees Roli near a vegetable stall. She wonders whats going on in her mind. She sees Sonia’s butler talking to Roli. She wonders what they are talking about. She hears roli saying I have been calling rani. its a good job for her. Butler says i can tell you the name of servant who asked rani to work there. roli’s phone is off. She ask him for a paper or pen. he has the paper and roli asks random people for pen. khushi tries to call him but roli is back and he has given her the number.
The butler turns back and sees sonia there. he asks what are you doing here madam ? She says what are you doing and why you met roli ? He says i gave her the number of servant whom rani replaced. She says you should never tell anyone anythign without my permission.

Scene 4
Simar says doctor anurag is such a good man he loves you. Jhanvi says i don’t love him. simar says its not just about your life but about the future of your child. We all won’t be able to fulfill the place of a dad for him ni matter what we do. Doctor anurag will be his father. you will get a good life partner and you child will get a dad. Focus on it. Jhanvi sees prem on the door. he comes in and asks who is this doctor anurag ? i am asking you something simar? Simar tells him everything. She tells him what happened when she met him. She says I think he loves her from all her heart. Prem says the man who even knwing your past want to own you must love you. I think you should contemplate over his proposal. Jhanvi says i don’t want to be an issue in the society. Prem says we are all with and simar’s belief shows me that he deserves to be your life partner. He says simar we should tell the family.

Scene 5
Mata ji asks prem why have you called all of us here. Mausi ji asks what the matter prem. Simar says we have to talk about something important. What do you people think about jhanvi’s wedding?

Precap- Simar and roli are going upstairs. They sees khushi on the door. they are dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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