Sasural Simar Ka 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 13th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar and Mataji leave. SAnju says mataji said there is some surprise for me. he says come with me. She opens the box. There is a cake. Sanju says I love you. He says I was us celebrate the day together. He makes her eat the cake. SAnju faints after a while. Anjali comes out. She says sleep my so called sister. Soon your life would be ruined.
Roshni is worried. SImar says what happened? Roshni says trust me there is something that is wrong. Simar says I will take care of sanju. You should be care free. I wanted to come with you. I want to see piyush. I will tell him it was not your mistake. She says no that will only worsen the situation. Simar says you used to come here so we had a hope. Roshni says don’t worry. You taught me all this. I will talk to Piyush. He will understand.

Simar says driver will drop you.

Scene 2
Roshni comes home. Piyush looks at her angrily. Roshni says I know that you are mad but I have to go there. Sanju needs me. Anjali is doing something against her. Piyush says they are living without us. Don’t interfere in their life. You won’t go to that house. Roshni says sanju is your sister. Anjali will ruin her life. Piyush says I don’t care. Roshni saays don’t say that. Piyush says they don’t care about us either. They didn’t stop us for a moment. Roshni says think about ma. Its not her mistake even. She misses you every moment. She is bearing all this for us.

Scene 3
Anjali wakes sanju up. Sanju says my head hurts. Anjali says we have havan. Drink this coffee and get ready. I knew that today you would be late. Last night would have been interesting. Sanju recalls that she fainted.
Nothing for havan is ready. MAtaji says what is all this. Ananiya this was your responsibility.
Simar makes parsad. She teaches sanju.

Roshni is going somewhere. Piysuh stops her. She says sanju is in danger. Samir and anjali are planning something against her. i don’t have proofs but something wrong is gonna happen. Give me a day please. If I am proved wrong I will never go back there again. Piyush say go. She says thank you. He goes out.

The havan starts Mataji saays roshni handled everything so well. Mataji says where is the bride? Anjali says the bride is here? She stands next to Sanju and samir. Roshin wonders why anjali is everywhere with them. The havan starts.
Sanju puts the sand in the fire. It burns her hand. Everyone is scared. She screams. Samir smirks at anjali. Roshni says they both did it but why? Samir puts sanju’s hand in water. Mataji says call the doctor.

Precap-Mataji saays now I have a good news as well. Sanju and samir’s weddign video is ready. When the video plays its of anjali and samir. Everyone is dazed. Roshni says this is truth.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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