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Sasural Simar Ka 13th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mataji simar and amar come out of temple. Simar says I cant forget what happened. It scared me. Simar says are we too late? Matjai says baba is right. A human’s soul can be cleaned with up bringing. I know your up bringing will make this child a better human. This child listens to everything you say. Simar says I won’t let them take my child from me. They have to fight love of a mother now.

Kamiya comes in simar’s room and sees she isn’t there. Kamiya says where can she go? Simar comes there. Simar says I have to do as baba asked. I have to fight for my child. the thing baba gave her falls from her hands. Kamiya sees it. She says what is it? simar says I went to market to fight pooja stuff. I liked this dagger from antiques shop so I bought it. Kamiya

wonders why is simar behaving weird.
Kamiya tells mahmaya about the dagger. Mahmaya says this means Kaal is bringing her in his control. Simar is becoming like him.
Kamiya hears simar reading a mantra witches read. She sees simar taking circles like them. Kamioya says she is under Kaal’s control now. SHe is doing Kaal’s pooja. Mahmaya hears and laughs too. Simar dances like witches. Kamiya says I should join her too. Kamiya and Simar dance like witches. Amar and Mataji are looking at them. Kamiya sees them and says oh so this is simar’s game. She knows about us and me too. She sees sindur in Amar’s hand.
Kamiya tries to contact mahmaya. All the witches come in and dance. Bharadwaj family comes downstairs and are shocked to see the witches. Mahmaya says to Simar you played me? You fooled my kaal? Everyone is dazed. Mahmaya says you have no idea what mistake you have done. see now what I do with you. She spreads a smoke. Prem shouts.. Prem is surrounded by a brown smoke. Simar says someone save prem. No one can move. Rajhinder says what is happening. Simr says I did all this please leave prem. I beg you. Mataji says please leave prem. Kamiya says in heart this is hurting prem and i can’t do anything. simar says I will do what you want please leave prem. Mahmaya says you have to. Our kaal is in your womb. You have to take care of him and if you don’t do that I will kill prem in a moment. When you give us we will return you Prem. Prem suddenly disappears.
Simar says because of my mistake they took Prem. Mataji says don’t blame yourself. Prerna says simar this is not your mistake. Simar says everything is over. Prerna says it will all be okay. Kamiya says what will we do now. Kamiya smirks, Amar looks at her.

Amar is in his room. He says someone from them is here and like they warn them. I doubt this Kamiya always. but she is prem’s college friend. How is she related to all that. I will get answers in their world but how do I go there? He looks in his books. Simar comes in. Simar says please amar help me find Prem. At least we should kSInow if he is okay. Amar says sit here. I am finding those answers too but you have to calm down.
Amar goes out. sImar looks in his books. Simar says this means that we can reach prem this way? Amar says we can only know after trying it. Amar puts some leaves on ground. He pours lemonade on it. They see prem in it. Prem is fainted and he is saying simar’s name. Kamiya says maa what have you done to prem. Mahmaya says why does that hurt you? Amar says who is she? Why she cares about prem?Mahmaya says simar fooled us. We took her husband here now she will take care of our Kaal. Kamiya says I can’t see Prem this way. Mahmaya says then close your eyes. Simar says who is she? Mahmaya says why are you crying? Kamniya says because I love prem. she turns back, Amar and simar sees her face. They are bewildered. Simar says Kamiya?

Precap-Everyone comes downstairs and sees glass broken. Simar stands there in lost senses. Kamiya says I will take care of her. Kamiya says lets go to your room Simar. Simar slaps her hard on face.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice episode… Poor PREMAR separated again!!! Love to watch PREMAR scenes

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