Sasural Simar Ka 13th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 13th July 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 13th July 2013 Written Update

Jhumki asks Simar to go downstairs as everyone must be waiting for them. She starts walking. Simar says, you want to kill me? Jhumki stops walking. Simar says, you knew lights were going to fall down. You still took me under it, why? I can see fear and guilt in your eyes. As long as I know, you can’t think about hurting anyone. Then what’s making you do all this? Jhumki starts crying. Simar calms her down and asks her to tell everything. Jhumki begins to say, but receives a call. Simar takes her phone and puts it on the speaker. Call is from Veeru. Simar is shocked. Veeru says, looks like Bantu is not your real brother, that is why you don’t care about his life. Let me remind you that you only have 24 hours. If I don’t get Simar’s death news, then you will definitely get your

brother’s death news. This time, you will create plan and execute it. I just need result. He hangs.

Simar tells Jhumki, Bantu got kidnapped, and you didn’t tell me. Jhumki says, I couldn’t. Veeru blackmailed me if I tell anyone, then he would kill my Bantu. Jhumki tells everything to Simar now from Bantu getting kidnapped and her trying to kill Simar. She apologizes Simar. She says, I tried to make Veeru fool once, but he figured it out and next time he put cameras. Now only 24 hours left, I won’t be able to do anything. That Veeru will kill my Bantu. I won’t be able to stop him. Jhumki is crying. Simar calms her down and says, nothing will happen to Bantu. You will do what Veeru wants. You will kill me. Jhumki is shocked. Jhumki says, what are you saying? How can I take your life? Simar says, listen to me first. Prem comes to Jhumki’s room. He asks Simar, what are you doing here? Everyone is waiting downstairs. Simar says, I came to call Jhumki and then I saw her mehendi so started talking here. You go, we are coming. Prem leaves. Simar and Jhumki follow him.

Bharadwajs pray to God to keep Simar safe. Mataji sees Jhumki upset and asks her, why are you sad? Come here and show me your mehendi. Other ladies also see her mehendi. The colors are not deep and Uma says that. But mataji and mausiji somehow change the topic so Jhumki doesn’t feel bad. Mataji then announces everyone will go to mandir for aarti. They go to eat now.

Jhumki is confused about Simar’s words and she is waiting for her to come. And there comes Simar. She asks Simar, you said me listen to Veeru. If I wanted, I could kill you long time ago. But I am not that type of girl. Simar asks her to calm down. She says, you can’t kill me, but you can act of killing me. Veeru won’t find out anything and nothing will happen to Bantu. Jhumki asks how? Simar tells her the plan.

Jhumki then calls Veeru and says, I will listen to you, but don’t do anything to Bantu. Veeru says, I don’t time.. if you thought anything then tell me. Jhumki says, I have a plan to kill Simar. Simar is still with Jhumki and phone is on the speaker. Jhumki says, I thought of a place where we can kill Simar and no one will find out anything. There is a quiet place which is owned by Bharadwajs. That house is closed since long time.

Real Roli is alive and is shown in that quiet place. Someone comes and gives her food and asks her to eat it fast.

Jhumki is scared and hopes everything goes fine. Simar asks, you trust me, right? Then don’t worry. Nothing will happen to Bantu. We will bring him back. Jhumki says, you’re my only hope.. I had lost all hopes of getting him back. Simar says, don’t talk like that.. Bantu is also like my brother. And when he has blessings from two sisters.. nothing can happen. Just do what I say. Jhumki says, what if family finds out all this? Because place where we called Veeru, is owned by Bharadwajs. Simar says, no one lives there.. I don’t know much about that house either, but I heard mataji saying it’s one of their old properties. And they closed it because they think it’s bad luck there. Trust me no one will be there beside us and Veeru.

Real Roli still didn’t eat. Guy comes back. He throws water on her and says, eat it fast in 5 minutes, else I will take this away too. Guy leaves. Real Roli seems very sad and is crying very bad.

Precap: None

Update Credit to: Shreya

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