Sasural Simar Ka 13th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 13th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar and Amar are on their way finding Roshni. Simr says she can’t drive properly please do something. Roshni hits a cart and the vendor too. The man screams. Roshni stops her car. His wife comes and says some help us please. Men surround Roshni’s car and say come out. roshni says please leave me. They say break the door. Amar and Simar reach there. The man is screaming. Amar says you go to Roshni I will handle the situation. Simr says please let me talk to her. The man says call police. Roshni says choti ma please save me. The man is screaming with pain. They call police. Amar says we will take him hospital. The woman says there is no value of life a poor person? Simar says we are taking him to hospital. We will take care of his bills. Please let us go. Simar says

Roshni come out. Roshni says no she is crying. Simar says I am here. The woman says I won’t leave her. I will kill her. The little girl says papa.. She comes to her mom and says ma papa has fainted. The woman says if something happens to him I will kill you. Amar says he has fainted. We have to take him to hospital. Police arrives there. Inspector says what is happening here? Amar says the car met an accident we are taking him to hospital.

The constable checks the man says his condition is critical. The woman says she has done this take her. Inspector says we have to take her to police station. Roshni says please save me choti ma. Amar says we are here. We are coming. Roshni I will come with you. Amar you take him to hospital. Amar rushes hospital and police takes Roshni.

Scene 2
Piyush and Vadhi come to a spot. She says is this all for me? He says look at that waiter I did all this for him. She laughs. Piyush says this is all for you. I want to make this night special for you. So you never forget this day. The waiter serves drinks. They both make each other drink. Piyush says there is something else too. The music starts playing. Piyush says will you dance with me?

Roshni says please choti ma get me out here. I didn’t do it intentionally. Simar says you know you can’t drive properly. You made a mistake. You risked life of so many people. Roshni says i was really angry. Please ask them to leave me. SImar says don’t worry amar is coming and I am here.

Piyush takes Roshni’s hand and they both dance on ‘pehli nazar main’. Piyush’s phone rings. He says this phone is romance’s enemy. Let it ring. Vadahi says it can be important. Check it. He says its ma. He picks up the call and says oh God. I am coming. Don’t worry. Vadhai says what happened? He says I will tell you in the car.
Piyush reaches police station with Vadahi. Simar says thank God you came. You stay here with her and I will ask Amar how is everything in hospital. Piyush says you were chasing us? Whats wrong with you. Roshni says this girl is wrong. This is all happening because of her. You have hurt her because of me. Because of her I followed you and I ended up here. Piyush says you can’t drive and thats not Vadhai’s fault. You are blaming her? Vadahi is leaving. Piyush holds her hand and says you won’t go anywhere. Vadhahi says let me go your friend needs you. I will wait for you outside. Roshni says you have changed so much. I am locked up here and you still care for her. Piyush says you can’t understand.

Amar says he has multiple fractures. His life is safe now. I am coming there with lawyer? We will get her bailed out.
Simar sees VAdahi outside in tears. Simr says vadahi what happened? vadahi says why does roshni hate me so much? Am I that bad? Simar says no its not your fault. Her hate is just because she loved Piyush. People have different meanings of love. someone people cross all limits to get their love and some love silently and patiently. I brought her up and thought no one knows her better than me but now I realize i was wrong. I never thought she can behave this way. she can’t understand that Piyush loves you and she can’t make him love her. It just happens. You never know when someone becomes more than your life. And that is the kind of love piyush has for you and you for piyush. Don’t blame yourself. This isn’t your mistake. Don’t cry and smile now. Vadahi says is that man okay? Simar says his life is out of danger. Simar says you go home and tell everyone that we are here and what happened.

Scene 3
Mataji does pooja and says thank God that man is out of danger now.
Amar says simar I promised them unless he is okay he and his family are our responsibility. Roshni comes out. She signs the papers. Inspector says this is just bail not release. She can’t go out of city and you have bring her to court every time. Amar says we understand.
They come home. Amar says I think we should drop roshni back to her house. Mtaji says how can we do this? simar says amar is right. We should send her back. Everyone nods. Roshni is mad.

Precap-Doctor checks Sanjev and says his BP is high and you should keep environment around him stress free. Anjali says we should check his BP every day so we know improvement. Simar says you will do that. Anjali says sure. I won’t disappoint you. Vikram says this is your last chance. Anjali says to simar I deleted what you were blackmailing me from. Simar says I am your mom. She shows her the video in her phone. Saroj is peeking in.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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