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Sasural Simar Ka 13th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sid asks prem what the bruise is? prem says i had an injury. Sid says why are you doing all this? Whats the problem? Simar is not only your wife, she is backbone of this life. What did she do that you decided to marry this devika. And how can you even imagine doing this.
Prem recalls devika saying, you have to leave simar completely. For you simar should be dead. Everyone was startled. Devia says gaitri’s powers work on only married woman. If you want to save simar you have to forsake simar and no one should know all this.
Sid says tell me the problem we will find the solution, don’t stay quite. Rajhinder says why are you silent. We have right to know why are you doing this? prem says i am not answering anyone. And why are you worried? Mata ji gave me nod.

Sid says this is wrong and we wont let you do this. Prem says either i will leave simar today or i will die. I will kill myself. Prem says in heart i can give my life to save simar. Prem goes towards temple, devika follows.

Simar says to prem please stop. DOn’t do this, i am your simar. The simar that can do anything for you. prem says in heart i know you are not simar and i have to do this for simar. I have decided and no one can change my decision not even you. He goes towards temple. Simar tries her power to stop him but she can’t. She says my evil powers are not working but i wont let this happen. Patali can never lose.

Roli says i cant see this happening. This devika has to get out. Sid says prem has threten to kill himself. Devika sets fire, prem comes downstairs with his photo with simar to burn. She says please stop prem ji. Don’t do this.
Simar says please stop please don’t do this. Prem makes simar’s picture wear garland. Rajhinder says enough prem. Stop all this here. Roli throws away the garland and says i cant see this happening to my sister. Prem says okay. He picks up a knife and says stop this poooja and i will kill myself. Karuna says what happened to you prem. stop all this. jhanvi says please don’t cut your hand. we know this is wrong, but please think if prem harms himself. If this is prem’s happiness then okay. mata ji says to simar prem’s life on hand and your happiness on other. At any cost we can’t lose prem. She says go prem.
Prem says in heart give me strength to do this God.
You know i am doing for simar. Simar screams stop this someone. roli why are you quite. stop them. Prem places garland on her picture. she runs. Rajhinder says i cant see this happening. He leaves. prem sits in temple with devika.

Simar comes to her room and screams in anger. Devika reads the mantra. simar says stop all this. She shouts and says end all this. sid says come roli. Roli says i am going to didi she needs me.
Devika sets everything for marriage. She reads the manta. simar says this can’t happen. she throws away stuff. Simar breaks stuff in her room.

Roli asks simar to open the door. She says i am really worried for you. please open the door. simar’s hand is burning. She can’t even stand up. Simar’s hands are bound. she say stop all this. Roli says i have to break the door, let me call sid. mata ji says simar has to live with this. roli says how can you be so stone hearted? I know simar is tolerant. but there is a limit to everything. what if something happens to didi. mata ji says she wont do anything. roli says how you know? mata ji says her love for this family wont let her do it. Karuna says simar think about family because she is not selfish like prem. i understand your pain. come with me. Mata ji hears simr screaming. she says i think pooja is working. simar says this is not right devika. Simar says stop all this. Devika says last step is left. Devika says patali wont harm simar because she needs simar’s body. This is decided that our game has worked. Simar says you didn’t do good devika.

Precap-Devika and prem are getting married. He fills her hairline. Simar screams stop all this. stop.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    1. Can you tell me when will we see roli in big fight with patali for her simar didi. Kaun marega patali ko. Agar roli maregi to bahut acha lagega dekhne me.

  2. atleast now roli is going to be in action

  3. Intolerable….. end this serial….

  4. Want roli in action.

  5. After patali which dyan wll come . I suggest you change the name of serial to sasuran dayan ka

  6. nice,episode simar ke liye bura laga,kitna dookh sehti hai woh,patali devi bahat hi aswach hai yaar,hamesha ek hi dress,kya woh bath nahi leti?

  7. SSK Cvs why are you doing this……..? Roli done so much for her simar didi, But now no any role for roli. I want roli in action. I can’t see my Simar didi in this way………… Plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss close the Chapter sooooooooooon. I want Rosim, premsid, Rosid, Premar are together with their family in a happy way.

  8. its too bore ho gia hei yaar poo

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