Sasural Simar Ka 13th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 13th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roli says you told her everything. simar says she only doubts that you are not roli. She says mata ji will never accept me. I have to kill mata ji now, simar says please kill me but dont harm her. Fake roli says because of your mistake others have to face the consequences. you know how brutally i killed vash, I couldn’t control my anger. Amar also died by a hit. I would have been brutal with him as well. you forced me to do all this by telling them truth. Two more people have to die. Look at what i did to sattu, i have nothing to do with him. Now sanju and mata ji are left. sanju wont say word she is a nice girl. but i cant take risk. I have to kill them both. Simar syas please dont do this. she sits her feet. simar says punish me please don’t harm them. FAke roli says

you are my sister how can i ignore what you say. i cant kill you but i can create circumstances that will end your realation with this house. she syas i can’t kill you but you can kill yourself. She hypnotizes simar and says i will jump from roof, simar follows what she says.

Mata ji says she is a liar. shurti is our roli. they hear fake roli screaming. She says please stop didi what are you doing? they all rush there. simar is moving towards the balcony. simar stands on the balcony and jumps down before anyone could stop her. They are all dazed. simar is dead down. Her head is bleeding.

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Scene 2
Nurse comes to doctor and says that patient is conscious now. doctor comes running and checks amar. amar recalls everything from making plan with simar and then vash’s death. Amar gets up. doctor says how are you feeling now? whats your name? Do you remember your name? He says yes amar. calendar says i am so happy for you. He hugs him. Doctor says he stayed here and kept praying for you. Calendar says only you can handle my stories. Doctor says you will be discharged tomorrow. Amar says calendar we have to go to bharadwaj house tomorrow. That woman tried to kill me as well we have to expose her. amar says calendar i met such a big accident last night how i am fine so soon? Calendar says its been two months since you met that accident. you were in coma. Amar is dazed.

Calendar says you forced me to go. but how you thought i will ever leave you. I was following you. i saw that woman was chasing you, a car hit you and she left after that. You are dead in her eyes and in front of whole bharadwaj house. that woman is so dangerous. i was so scared after seeing her real face. Amar says this is about my pal and his family i wont leave him alone, we have to go to bharadwaj house. we have to find what happened in last two months there. calendar says you have to thin about yourself for now. I know you wont listen to me but please.

Fake roli is standing outside the red door. she says this is the key of bharadwaj house and the trust and love of this house, which is mine now. SHe goes to temple and says i know you are angry with me God. but i am like other humans. whatever has happened in two months, i am not responsible for it. Simar is responsible for it. I am successful in first mission, whole family has accepted me has roli. now the only thing left is to get sid. I will have him as well.

Precap-fake roli says i have been living here as a good daughter in law, i will end your pain if you accept me. Mata ji is silent. fake roli says okay then stay like this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ohoo what is this ufff?????

  2. Vash ji was died. When was it happen?

  3. bakwaass..

  4. All our comments r dear viewers control urself for this serial’s better result….

  5. When will this stupid woman die?I’m tired of seeing her face and her stupid actions

  6. Ssk is going to end on 7th march 2015 due to low rating as per ssk Wikipedia. …

    1. trps are gd fr ssk ….. from where did you get the information ssk is gng to end???? plz anyone tel me………. is it really…………

  7. What is gng on simar dead roli gone mataji bcm mad sanju dumb sattu nomb amar in coma vash dead leela dead.. these all main charctrs even knowng truth they can’t do any thing then what will happen when those dummy charactrs like sid prem knows notng haaa

  8. Is simar dead?and where is our roli pls bring her back .thank god amar is fine

  9. Why do they bring more n more twists and turns in a story with which all are already fed up with…. what do these ppl think.. the viewers are morons to watch this pathetic joke..huh??? Just reveal the reality end this bullshit

  10. Eagerly waiting for maha shivaratiri episode…….

  11. Is ssk gng to end????

  12. Waiting for maha shivratri

  13. When will it end?

  14. Ya its going to end on 7th march .

    1. who told you dat its going to end? from where you get it…..

  15. is it really ssk going to end on 7th march 2015????????????????

  16. Ya go to ask serial Wikipedia page

  17. how u know that it will end????????

  18. Simar should have given a good role to portray. In today’s time where do we see such characters who is always crying, walking like a dead what is this. Now is the era of woman empower and your showing helpless character…we know that fake roli is a nagin who saved sid..but the story is dragged too much..

  19. Go to visit ssk serial’s Wikipedia page that only I got it ssk goes to end for its low trp ratings

  20. Simar should’ve given a good role to portray. In today’s time where do we see such characters who is always crying, walking like a dead what is this. Now is the era of woman empower and your showing helpless character..the story is dragged too much..

  21. sara khan (fake rolli) acting was too good any simar also dies who will take care
    of sanju prem and the whole bhardhwaj family is so selfish the fake rolli can do
    any thing with sanju why the writter gave injustice to this child too much for
    other’s character sake

  22. No yaar sinar is alive and so happy yo kbow that amar is bk.

  23. And ssk goingto end on 7march 🙁

  24. Thank GOD the show is ending!! Phew! Had enough of its dragging plots and unnecessary twists and turns… I just wanna see our roli back in the family now and everyone living happily ever after!!

  25. Wt u r doin here
    If one prob solves another prob raiseup
    Bakwaas hota jaaraha hai

  26. What the heck man…. Kya serial hain yeh… Sasural simar ka is tha name.. Lekin ho kya raha haib…. Bakwaas

  27. Roli plz don’t come back… U r a good actress… Let this serial end… U l have many good roles waiting for u.. Domt come back to this shit

  28. oh!!really … is it goin to end???!! dats a good news

  29. I think leela also will be alive like amar

  30. ye kya hai jo karna hai jaldi kijiye,ab humare pas ur patient nehi he

  31. awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it gona end
    too gud news
    finnaly some gud thng hapnd in ssk
    when they cant grab d attention they ought to gain d attention and not driving viewers to their worst stage..

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