Sasural Simar Ka 13th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 13th February 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 13th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
khushi says my dear Sankalp no matter how many times you get married you will only have one wife that is me. no one even suspected that i am here, no one knows how hard have i worked to be here. She recalls the way she became servant as Rani at sonia’s house. I have done too much to be at this point and that Rani. She talks like Rani. She says my hard work has given the best result. I never thought that sonia and sankalp’s wedding has got me me my success. What a luck have I got. To do my work I worked more. I learnt talking like sonia but still there was one problem the face of sonia but I got that as well. I got this special mask what a drama billo rani. You can do anything. This time I have no plans to go back and until my mission is not accomplished

this mask is my identity. Sankalpi wakes up and says why are you still up sonia. The masks falls from her hand. She turns off the lamp. She says sorry Sankalp I disturbed you. i was cleansing my face. Sankalp says let me turn on the light.She says no I was just coming to sleep. She goes to the bed and waits for sankalp to sleep. Sanklp holds her. She say what should I do now.

Scene 2
Next morning Khushi wakes up. Sankalp says he good morning. Sankalp says it looks like you are not done with your sleep. She says its the new house and the new place. i am used to of my bed so couldn’t sleep. He says why don’t you rest. She says its my first day here i have to go down. Sankalp says let me get ready then we will go together till the you can rest.
Sankalp comes out and sits beside sonia. She gets up. He asks how are you feeling now ? She says better. Sankalp says lets go to get the breakfast. Khushi says you go i will come after being fresh. He leaves and says he irritates a lot. Now I have to go and show smile to everyone. She locks the room and takes the mask off. She says i have to wear this mask well its about the whole day. Her phone rings, she receives and says wow you have called on exact time. I was wearing the mask you prepared. Even if the real sonia comes she would be confuse. Its just because of you that I can take revenge from the people who did that to me. i take a lot of care of this mask.

Scene 3
Mata ji asks Sonia to make some sweet for the family as its the ritual. Khushi says actually I don’t know how to make the sweet. Simar says but you said you love cooking. Khushi says I just know how to make just a few things. Simar saysb Mata ji let me and Uma bhabhi help us. Mata ji says yes that’s okay. Karuna says sonia all the best. Uma says come in sonia. Simar and Uma bring the ingredients. Uma says don’t be worried sonia. I know that you will make the best sweet. Khushsi thinks I would have told who will cook and who will eat if I didn’t have to be this sonia.
They start cooking. After a while the sweet is ready. Uma says take this out in the bowl.

Scene 4
There the driver gives sonia lunch. Sonia says i won’t eat this. Sonia says I won’t eat until you don’t tell me which relative of mine told you to do this to me. He says you have to eat. He tries to put it in her mouth. She spits it out. Roli says oh sid forgot to get me sonia’s gift. She enters the room and sonia’s phone is ringing. She receives the call. The dirver asks who are you ? Sonia screams help and roli is confused.

precap- Khushi comes in front of Sonia wearing the mask. Sonia is dazed. She takes off her mask and says in Rani’s style hello madam I am rani.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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