Sasural Simar Ka 13th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 13th February 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 13th February 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: In the temple
Viru tells prem to leave as he would get married anyhow. prem says that they wont do so, since they might have broken all ties with roli, but for humanity’s sake they wont let her destroy her life. Prem says that a guy like viru doesnt deserve anyone’s company. viru clenches his fist at him to hit, but stops saying that he would have killed prem had it not been his marriage today. all are shocked. Prem in undaunted by viru’s threats. He says that he would leave only with roli. Viru goes to hit him, but is stopped by roli, saying that its their marriage, and not a fight ground. She says that she’s marrying on free will, and not by force. She asks her family to leave her alone and let her live her own life. Hurt, prem says that

now they wont stop her from marrying, but only after siddharth’s divorce with her, and till then, its illegal and he wont let it happen. He calls the inspector and asks him to come. Viru smirks that he pities them, as if police were their resort, they should have got them , rather than wait now for the marraige to get over before the police comes. He asks the priest to hasten up the marriage. Prem is quiet and viru starts with the rituals along with roli, who is highly disturbed. The whole bharadwaj family is very sad to see this. Roli asks the goddess to send simar before the pheras start.

From a safe distance, khushi doesnt want to believe that simar, of all people, who loves roli the most, is absent and smells something that she couldnt think before and that there’s something that is not entirely genuine in this. She leaves, determined to find out. Mausiji however is worried as to where simar is, as she should have reached by now. She goes on to call simar.

Scene 2:
Location: Bharadwaj house
Simar, while searching through the papers, gets a worried call by mausiji asking her to huryy up as the marriage has started and they hope that she doesnt actually get married. Mausiji’s tensed face puts roli also in tension. When mausiji asks simar why is she crying, she tells her that she cant find the papers, and she put her sister’s life at stake and that she cant find them anyhow. Khushi hears this conversation from behind the door and thinks that they still havent gotten the property papers and understands the whole plan, that roli’s marriage to viru is but a sham for viru, to get papers from her. She thinks that now khushi is alos in the race and that she would never let simar win this race. mausiji asks simar to calm down, saying that they have the fullest faith in simar, and that along with roli, its their exam today too, as roli’s faith in them cant be shattered. mausiji tells simar that the pheres are about to start and that they are running out of time. She asks her to calmly think where could viru have kept them. Simar says that she would find out from hell too, if thats required to save roli’s life from being destroyed. After cancelling the call, mausiji prays to the goddess to help simar in fidning the papers.

Scene 3:
Location: In the temple
When the priest asks roli to get for tying the knot along with viru, she prays to the goddess to help her, so that in helping her family survive, she might not lose herself and get everything right again. Mausiji thinks that she knows what roli must be going through and asks the goddess to give her strength to bear through this for just some more time, before simar comes. As the priset does the GADHBANDHAN, the tie of the knots, slips from the priest’s hand and mataji says that its a bad omen, signifying that even the goddess doesnt give consent to this marriage and that SHE would definitely do something to stop this from happening. Frustrated, viru asks the priest to retie, as now he would make such a connection that noone evil eyes will be able to break down. He takes the knot and ties it together, while a helpless anandi looks on. He tells roli that he would have her hand in his, with the promise that their togetherness never fades away, while he takes the pheras. Roli puts up a brave smiling face in front of viru, all the while thinking that simar would have to reach real fast now, since not much time is left to salvage her life.

Scene 4:
Location: Bharadwaj house
Simar prays while crying incoherently, in front of the temple to help her and show her the right path. A flower from the goddess’s feet falls on the desk kept in front, which when simar sees, finds a green packet, partially out from under the desk, and opens the chest to find the papers inside. She thanks the goddess saying that SHE has once again showed that whenever her devotees ask something from her with a pure heart, she always responds positively.

Simar, who is relieved to find the papers, thinks that now she would have to get them asap to the temple, determined that she wont let anything happen to her sister, roli. But she trips on her way and the papers are thrown on the ground. As she gets to pick them, she is shocked to find khushi’s feet on the papers and is rendered speechless. Khushi takes the papers in her hand. The screen freezes on simar’s shocked face.

Precap: NONE

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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