Sasural Simar Ka 13th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 13th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Piysuh comes to meet Roshni. She hits him with pillow and says why are you here? Go to your vadahi? He says are you jealous? she says I will hit you with this pot. He says this will hurt you more than me? She says yes because I care for you. you are my best friend. He says you are so special for me, and no one can take your place. She says will come to me in any situation? He says I will come flying to you like a superman. She says no matter what happens? He says yes. Roshni smiles. Piyush gets a call from Vadahi. He says we had to give papa presentation. He says I am reaching. Roshni says Piyush stop.. He leaves. Roshni says no one can take him from me. No one. You can reject my love but not our fate. We have to be one, its destiny. I will convert your no in yes. Its my promise.

Vadhai shows design to Prem. He says they are so good. Vadhai says which one do you like this most. He says this one. Vadhai says Piyush knows you so well. He made this model. Your choices are so alike. Prem says he is my son after all. Simar overhears this and smiles. Piyush comes. Piyush says what happened ma? simar says I was thinking since vadahi is here everything is so good. Piyush says yes. Simar says I felt it would be so good if she stays here forever. Piyush says I want something similar. Simar says really? He says I meant she has to work with papa. SImar says isn’t there any other reason? Piyush says I have to discuss some plans with papa. Prem says I liked you proposal Piyush good job. Piyush says thanks. Simar says in heart you can’t hide it from me Piyush.

Sumit tells Roshni he is going to London. Sumit says yes shukla uncle is not well. Roshni says I don’t wanna go. Sumit says how can we leave you alone? Rohan and simar aren’t here either. Roshni hides her passport. She says dad you can leave me at choti ma’s place. Please. I am sure she won’t say no. Please talk to her. Sumit says okay I will talk to her. Let me pack now.

Vikram comes to room. Anjali pretends fainting. Vikram says are you okay? anjalu says leave me alone. I can handle myself. When I needed you, you didn’t support me. Vikram says what you said and did was wrong. Anjali says I said that in anger but you scolded me so much I am so hurt. I am not close to anyone here. You scolded me. He says I am sorry. I shouldn’t have shouted but I was mad. I promise it won’t happen again. Anajli says you make promises every day. He says I wont he hugs her. Saroj overhears and says why I feel like she wants to take vikram away from me and all of us.

Scene 2
Saroj asks Gopal to clean the house. She says guru ji is coming. Vikram comes downstairs and says good morning. Saroj says what happened? Vikram says I apologize on anjali’s behalf. Saroj says who made mistake should apologize why are you saying sorry? Vikram says she is repenting. Saroj says someone who repents doesn’t do it again. I have to prepare. Vikram says for what? She says guru ji is coming. Vikram says thats so good. Anjali says guru ji? Saroj says he our guru ji. He helped us a lot. You both will meet him. Vikram says of course we will meet him. Saroj says he will give you and Vikrma his blessings. I will feel good if you wear sari. Anjali says I don’t believe in superstition I would feel good if you don’t force me into all this. saroj says she is right we can’t force her. Saroj says is there anything you like about shanaya? Anjali says she talks about her bf continuously. Its annoying. Saroj says then why you don’t stop talking to her? Anjali says she is my best friend. Saroj says who is more important vikram or shanaya? Anjali says vikram obviously. Saroj says then for vikram and his family can’t you meet guru ji? This family is yours too. For your family you can’t do this? Vikram says of course she will. Anjali says I will meet him of course. Vikram says thank you so much . He leaves.

Khushi says on breakfast table. There is so much oil in these parathy. How can you use so much oil? Simar says Vadhai didn’t make it. KB says you did? Uma comes and says I made them. They are tasty no? Piyush laughs.
Sumit calls Simar. Khushi says he still calls her. Mataji says shut up Khsuhi. Prem says uma bhabhi give her more parathy she really liked them. Simar says on call no no one would have problem. If you are insisting I will asks everyone and call you back. Simar says to mataji Sumit and rita are going abroad. They said can they leave roshni here at our place? I said there won’t be any problem but he insisted in asking. Mataji says sure call her. Khushi says this is orphanage.. Perm says I have no problem. Rajhinder says no one has any issue. Ask sumit to send her here.

Anjali says to Vikram when will he come? This sari is so heavy. I am doing this all for you. Vikram says that is why I love you. Guru ji comes. They all welcome him. Saroj says Anajli do arti. Anjali does his arti.
Saroj gives anjali a bowl. She says you have to wash guru’s feet. Anajli says why would? Saroj says he would listen. Anjali says I don’t believe in him you do. Saroj says we have done this before. Saroj says this is your first time. Vikram says why won’t you? Saroj says I respect your feelings. sometimes we have to do things for your family. I am sure you would do this for vikram.

Precap-Simar says to Piyush bring me a daughter in law. What kind of girl you want? He says just like you. Guru ji says to saroj your daughter in law doesn’t listen to you even though you tried. i have a solution. He gives her a cloth and says place it in her room. Anjali overhears this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I am very happy with the conversation of Simar and Piyush about vaidhehi n Prem piyush’s relation takes a step ahead…..

    Good…………… but i think this happiness will ruin by the writers soon…… because the problems will raise by Roshini because of his possessiveness on Piyush……..

    But please cvs bring Sanju atleast……

    I’m confuse, how can the mother don’t think about her another daughter……… n didn’t ask about her to anyone…………..
    Even prem also don’t think him elder brother Sid………. Its disgusting……….

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