Sasural Simar Ka 13th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 13th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Amar says mohini stop why do you have to do all this? Sunanda comes downstairs with the pot. Mohini says meet your mata ji one last time, you wont get to meet her again. Karuna says don’t do this mohini, she leaves the pot and holds it in other hand. Amar says dont doubt us, maybe someone left it there. Mohini says there is no misunderstanding. who had to go out at midnight? Tell me truth, who went out? I think you all have a hope after simar has returened this is why you are playing with me? Tell me who is plottin with her? Sujata says we didn’t even reconize her? Sunanda says that was just drama. mohini says i think you dont love your mata ji. She is about to drop the pot. Pari says stop mohini.This is my key. I got them made. Everyone is dazed. Mohini says i think mata ji is going to stay alive for some more days. Now tell me pari why you got it made? Shalu says what are you saying pari? Pari says i was tired of being your slave, i thought i will go out and get you out of out lives forever. Mohini says i will show you what i can do. A knife floats in the air and settles in mohini’s hand.

Mojhini stabs herself and takes out the knife, there is no blood on it. She does it again and again. Mohini says this cant kill me. If i wanted i could even throw out this idol from this house but i am not scared of her so i wont do it. I want it to be the witness of everythin. And myb powers are stronger than your prayers. Your God cant even harm me. If i don’t punish you pari they will all do something like this.

Precap-Pari says please save me, mohini takes her to a room. Pari screams. Mohini comes out with a pot and says here is your pari.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. This is dragging so much.

  2. SSK Writer is out of mind

  3. Written update Very short

  4. Ya dragging……plz show rosim In action….

  5. Omg! Is she just gonna put everyone into pots? Finish this mohini serial and bring some happiness in the family for once!!!! And rosid and premar should get united again too! Plz stop dragging this it’s getting very boring! And people will stop watching it then like shastri sisters ssk will end too and we don’t want that! Plzzzzzz!!!!!

  6. S. Such a idiotic story like this.

  7. Bring simar and roli back and punish mohini in an interesting way

  8. Worst story ever. Stupidity has its limits. Wish someobe would put the writers of SSK inside a pot and leave them to rot in it… ????????

  9. I know that Sara Khan is in another series, but please bring Maya back. She will definitely help Simar to solve this problem. I hate this witch track, Naagin track was much interesting

  10. I’m just tired of watching this serial. I just prefer to read it up cos I guess its gonna take 3 months as usual to deal with mohini

  11. i used to like this serial. But now, you guys have lost. Why do you churn out such rubbish. Don’t take the viewers for granted. This serial sucks!

  12. In nagin track maya tortured rosid.simar only bt in this mohini track the whole family affected by her its so worst day by day pls simar getting down in actoin against mohini soon and save all…

  13. ssk fans demands to bring rosid in the show::
    the current track of ssk revolving around the mohini track and show has taken 4 months leap.
    however post the leap some fans of the show are furious as some important characters like roli,, siddanth and mataji have gone missing from the show.
    the sequence also shows sid dead on the show and viewers are furious by this. ardent fans of rosid want the couple to make re-entry on the show.
    the social media of fan page manish and avika who play sid and roli respectively floodedwith posts from fans who are missing them and want them back.
    let’s wait and see whether the makers of the show bring back the show roli and sid as per public demand.

  14. according to precap is mohini doing with pari in that pot.. they are 5pots.. 6members missing.. who is missing person?? when rosid are back in ssk… without rosid mataji prem serial getting bored.. want them back.. dont want amar to help simar.. want sister bonding to save family… want rosim back.. when they back.. please back soon in ssk.

  15. do you ant roli and sid back in ssk:
    in one of recent episodes of ssk we saw dayan entry in bw house after the show took leap of 4months. after the leap mataji roli and sid and simar are missing from the action for a while. in the same sequence sid was shown dead on the show.. while there have been speculations of roli and sid going missing from the show, their fans all are going furious and want this jodi back in ssk. the social media of fan page of two actors are also flooded with the posts of their fans who are missing them alot in small screen,,

  16. guys… please clear my doubt in mohini track again they show sid dead ??? is sid dead in this mohini track or its about in nagin track sid dead for what is it sid dead?
    again sid going to dead in the track is it correct please tel me clearly.. getting confused?

  17. top10 serials.
    1. saathiya, kumkum baghya
    2. ssk, swaraginu
    4. udaan, diya aur baathi hum
    5. meri aashqui tumse hai
    6. ashoka
    7. jamayi raja, balika vadhu, yrkkh
    8.tarak mehta ka oolta chesma,
    9. jodha akbar
    10.tu mera hero..

  18. madko mein kaid aatma.. watch 14 august 2015 sbs segment..
    means in that pots all members aatma’s there.. 5pots.. 6 members missing.. who is one person missing..

  19. mohini ne kiya sid and roli ko madko mein kaid.. pahle roli and sid.. then mataji, sanjana, anjali.. bhi madko main kaid hothe hai.. this is about 5pots in mohini room.. which is flash back showing… in segment..

  20. ssk spoiler. mohini’s truth has come out infront of the family. she has turned dangerous and shows the pots to them. she threatens them to she kill her family members and her one step to break the pot will make one person lose life. the family gets stunned. mohini says sid and roli will lose life when she breaks pots here. mataji asks her not to do this. amar says he can’t overpower mohini as she is witch. mohini says sid and roli souls are locked in this pots. mohini asks mataji to send familyout. she sends family out and catches mataji sanjana and anjali. mohini smiles seeing little girls. mataji is worried and in dilema. the family cries that as sid and roli caught by which evil powers. sid and roli are powerful members in family.. mataji wishes that simar come back and end mohini’s black magic.. mataji hopes that only simar can save the family now.. as roli is also under mohini’s evil power so only simar can save family now..

  21. Thnx for Info

  22. Please stop this boring track. I have stopped watching it but actually miss the light hearted simar drama which it use to be!!!

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