Sasural Simar Ka 13th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 13th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says we will find a proof here, ACP please start searching he is just threatening us. Mata ji says if simar thinks we should search here then we should. Rajveer starts his clock and says last it stopped with someone’s life. now it has started again because your worst days are here. He takes out his drink and says anyone would like to accompany me? no? okay i will have it alone.

Roli looks at sid and recalls her time with him. She recalls rajveer saying that he is not her husband anymore, he is only his slave. Girjesh asks roli why are you crying? roli says i am not crying. sid looks at her and on the other side.

Simar, amar and cops are searching the house. Mata ji says where have i seen him? simar sees the white door and recalls roli stopping her from

going in that room. She goes towards it, she opens the door, its all dark inside. Simar is shocked to see so many swords on the walls she goes in. Rajveer asks mata ji your sight shows that you are trying to recognize me. Mata ji says yes i feel like i have seen your face before. He laughs and says good joke. would you please come here? he says i should appreciate your memory, i never thought you would recognize me. my relation with your family is of enmity. I am back in your life for revenge. mata ji says what have we done? Rajveer says you are famous for forgetting what you did to someone.

Simar opens a closet and is about to touch its wall. amar calls her out. Rajveer says your bad time has started, you didn’t listen to me. Rajveer calls SSP and says your ACP vinod came here to search without warrent. SSP asks ACP to leave his house and reach office. Rajveer says now you will have to answer him why you came here. i promised you that i will snatch your job and i will fulfill it. if anyone of you dare to come here again, he wont go back alive. No one can stand in front of me. Mata ji says i thought you are respectful bu you still here after listening all this. now get lost all of you. they all leave. rajhinder says i am sorry ACP. ACP says don’t be, i will face it. my track record is clear. but i would suggest you stay away from him, he can threaten openly, he can do anything.

amar says to simar according to prem if we don’t find anything we have to halt the investigations, simar says i understand, i will handle it all. amar says we came here but couldn’t find the truth. Raajveer overhears them.Rajhnder says lets go now.
Rajveer wails a siren, girjesh says roli come out, they have gone.
Rajveer says to roli your sister would ask you so many questions when you go back home and the truth you want to conceal will be concealed but if you walk on my path. roli says what path?

Everyone is waiting for them in bhaardwaj house, sujata says i am really worried for them. Karuna says they will come with a positive news i am sure. They come in.
Roli says why don’t you tell me clearly, Rajveer says you lost your husband’s love, your family’s love and your sister as well. he throttles her and says what would you do with such a life roli?

Precap-roli calls simar and says didi i wont be able to meet you ever again, i want to tell you everything. Sid comes in the room with a sword.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. sss

    mausiji back in ssk as negative character.. rajveerwho is running bw family life will turn to her son… he come to take revenge frm bw family for doing injustice to his mother and sending her prison inspite of being innocent.. dis time her character will completely negative as she is annoyed with da fact dat she was forcefully punished fr the crime which she didn’t commit.. other hand sujatha is ill and bw family will be worried for her… at that time mausi ji enters da house with her famous dialogue and she is negative dis time and will bring morre drama in ssk..

  2. Arooj

    Yes day is totally ryt rajveer is mausijis son n she will be a real negative character n take revenge if u wanna nw more go on India forum n want rosid bak kwik only luv thm together not departed we want rosid luv u hate ugly cow maya we hate u plzz end maya track we hate her xxx

    • sss

      its given in india forum news … u can see da artical …. and i thnk dis tym maya character also some what changes.. so dats y she saves roli and simar from aryan thnk so… dat nagmani also with rajveer i thnk… about naagmani dont know but mj entry with -ve is correct and maya saves simar…. by seeing sid maya alive simar is shocked…

  3. s

    tmrw aryan will try to kill roli… . in new promo aryan try to kill simar but maya came back and stops him…

  4. A2

    Rajveer is mausiji’s son. And is bhardwaj family stupid? They should have got her bailed out long back. And when will rosid unite? And how did sid become his slave? Don’t know how simar is gonna react after seeing sid and maya alive.

    • sandya

      frst she will be shocked… and dis tym i thnk maya will help dem.. just hope dat maya character +ve dis time and at the end of this trck she returnd sid to roli.. rosid reunite…. just hoping and fingers crossed for rosid and der reunite..

  5. Again tis time na simar will be shocked on seeing them both alive and again tat Maya might get some promise so again simar kasam sae bandhi hoga…….so again she ll go to hme with empty hands prem gets angry again fighting between them…..etc…….tis story will move for a month….

  6. sindhu

    This story always is in struggle this dont have any happy situation if suppose there was a big problem in that see this story problem end with die anyhow they return after death this is sasutal simar ka

  7. neetu

    Thry are bringing all ths “obce lost” character bk to ssk.hope anurag jhanvi story also will get a nrw turn

  8. priya

    I think simar will save roli…then both will come to know about rajveer and mausi ji are behind those evil plan so they both fight for them…bw family will come to know that sid is alive and living with Maya. meanwhile Maya will realise her mistake and tries to join rosid … whole bw family including Maya will fight against rajveer..later mausi Ji will realise her mistake and apologized them…totally it take a year and half.

  9. Arooj

    Yes I too atoll agree they should Hav bailed her out before as she was innocent so if u wouldn’t take revenge for dta wat would u to bw stupid at times since she had been in jail rwo leaps Hav happen in this show yes maya is wid raj ever is I’ll copy it all out for the ppl who dotn get it Thnks

  10. Arooj

    Rashmi Sharma Telefilms’ popular show Sasural Simar Ka on Colors, is leaving no stones unturned to grab the attention of the audiences.
    Nimisha Vakharia, who was a part of the show used to essay the role of Manoranjan is coming back on the show but this time with a different shade.
    Manoranjan initially portrayed a grey shaded character which later on turned in to a positive one. But due to Maya’s (Sara Khan) hypnotism, she was termed as the negative person by Bharadwaj family and was sent behind bars. But now she is coming back in Bharadwaj house to bring more drama on the show.
    Our sources say, “She will play a negative character on the show and Rajbeer (Siddharth Vasudev) who is ruining Bharadwaj family’s life, will turn out to be her son. Rajveer has come to take revenge from the Bharadwaj family for doing injustice to his mother and sending her in the prison in spite of being innocent.”
    “On the other hand, Sujata (Nishigandha Wad) will be ill and entire family will be worried for her. At that moment Manorajan will enter the Bharadwaj house by speaking her patent dialog ‘Samajhne Wale Samajh Gaye, Jo Na Samjhe Woh Anadi Hai’ and this time her character will be completely negative as she is annoyed with the fact that she was forcefully punished for the crime which she didn’t commit,” adds the source.
    When we contacted Nimisha, she said, “Yes, I am coming back on the show but I don’t know about the story because I haven’t started shooting yet.”

  11. Arooj

    Everyone rememeber when all dat sunaina story was happenin anurag dropped jhanvi off at bw house as he was goin a important holly or aomet and jhanvi was concealing something thick something fishy is goin on wid thm two or they Hav forgot about it who agrees cos the way jhanvi was acting was wierd luv rosid want thm to reunite soon neva want ssk to Finnish luv mausi ji too hate maya rajveer

  12. Arooj

    If it is helpful anyfin I Hav wrote plzz tell so I now if I should write more if u ppl don’t get it xx luv u all

    • sandya

      me to thnkng same yaar.. in one video i saw sid said rajveer is hypnotised him dats y he dont no wat he dng and wat he dng and he said maya abhi abhi todi sudri hai… ..

  13. sandya

    maya helpng bw family dat as she feel guity which she done with bw parivar and dis tym she helps roli as +ve and her nagmani also with rajveer dats y sid maya are in rajveer house… they are tryng to find jassosi dat who is rajveer actualy and kya dushman hai uska aur bw parivaar ka… after dat dey know abt him may be sid will be back.. just hope rosid reunite… so maya helpng rosim amar calender mataji.. frm rajveer house…

  14. san

    but by helpng bw parivaar ko naagin will get her mani frm rajveer na… den wat will happen next is she go away frm bw or not??? lekin yaha maya uska faide ke liye tho helpng dem na wat will hapn next..???its some wat confusion … about nagin track because she is helpng and her mani also with rajveer and sid also… aftr she got her mani wat she vl do???

  15. s

    nagin help rosim to save sid and also maya nagmani with rajveer dats to get her mani back she and sid der in rajveer house….one side she helpng dem to save sid and one side fr get her mani back she doing dis… after dat she got her mani frm rajveer vl she go away frm bw family… is sid vl come back to roli life …. wat vl hapn next dat after she got her mani from him????.but maya feels guilty which she done through the bw parivaar.. wat she did to dem she wants to clear it all know dat she thnks and help rosim and to find out who is rajveer and wat type dushman he is havng with bw parivaar… and she wants to get her mani back from rajveer.. in this trck is rosid unite or not… in one video roli said dat after dat may be siddanth vaapas asktha hai.. hope fr rosid reunite…

  16. A2

    I think this rajveer will be the last obstacle in their lives. After that, all will be well and this soap opera will end.

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