Sasural Simar Ka 12th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Simar shocks Bhairavi saving Sanjana

Sasural Simar Ka 12th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roshni waking up after seeing a bad dream, calls Mata ji, Piyush. Piyush comes and asks what happened. She thinks she can’t tell this dream to him. Piyush asks her to sleep. Roshni thinks if this dream is a sign of upcoming trouble.

Simar does aarti. Piyush tells her that Roshni saw some bad dream. Simar asks her to share her dream with Mata Rani. Sameer thinks she talks sweetly like Simar Maa, I will expose her soon. Sanjana asks him to take Prasad from her hand. Simar tells that as Sanjana and Sameer going out today she wants them to do puja. Sameer asks Sanjana if she haven’t told anyone that they are not going. Simar says I am proud of you to think of family. Mata ji says it is decided that you both are going. Simar asks him not to worry about Bhairavi

as they will take care of her. Aarav says Piyush will take care of Simar and everyone. Piyush says yes. Shera thinks Bhairavi might be planning something surely.

Bhairavi takes Simar to store room and thinks everyone will think you are sleeping, but actually you will be in my captivity. She locks the room and says you wanted to send her to honeymoon. They can’t until I am here. After whatever happens with Sanjana today, she will not think of going to honeymoon. Prem asks about Simar and says he will bring her. Bhairavi says she is sleeping in her room as she has a headache. Mata ji says she will go and check. Bhairavi says she is in deep sleep and asked me to tell you to do mata rani’s aarti before sunset. Mata says she will go and see her. Bhairavi asks don’t you trust me. Mata says ok and asks Sanjana to do Mata rani’s aarti.

Sanjana does the aarti. She thinks once the coconut explodes, it will harm Sanjana. Mata ji asks Sanjana to keep it in God’s feet. Simar comes there and asks Sanjana to stop it. Mata ji says Bhairavi told that you had a headache. Simar says I told her to ask you all to do God. She tells Sanjana that coconut can’t be presented infront of God without covering her head and asks her to present the coconut. Bhairavi thinks you have covered kafan on your daughter’s head. Sanjana breaks the coconut. Everyone is surprised to see lotus in the coconut. Mata ji says it happens in crores. Shera signs Simar. Mata ji says very soon Sanjana will have baby. Bhairavi says she will go and check in storeroom. Mata ji asks Sanjana to keep the lotus in front of Mata ji. Bhairavi sees the door locked and opines that she might be eloped from the window. She opens the door and finds Simar standing.

Roshni tells Piyush about her frequent dreams related to simar. Later Bhairavi conditions deteriorates and Doctor checks her. Sameer blames Simar and warns her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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