Sasural Simar Ka 12th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 12th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says show me the way God. She hears Khushi saying there shouldn’t be any mistake like last time. simar sees Khushi talking to Savant. Savant says last time her mother came in between Khushi says here is your advance you will get rest after its done. Savant says don’t worry billo rani. Just handle her mother. Simar says I have heard this man’s voice somewhere. Who is he? Khushi says simar can’t do anything. You focus on Anjali. Once she is part of your world, I will get done with her and her mother and after that I will be the sole owner of the property. She laughs. simar sees Savant’s face. Simar recalls its the same man she met in the bar. Simar calls Piyush she shows him savant. Piyush says what is he talking to KB about? simar says KB is with

him. That bar it was all KB’s plan. She has planned same for today. Simar says she have stooped so low. I will tell Prem. Piyush says we have to catch her red handed. We should follow them and let them do what they want and we will catch them at last moment.
Savant says don’t worry billo rani. This time I will send Anjali somewhere she will never return from. Simar says you have made a mistake KB. I will punish you for this.
Khushi says lets go Anjali must be waiting for us. They go outside. SImar says Piyush go after them. I will call Prem ji.

Anjali is waiting outside. She says where are KB and savant uncle. Simar looks for Prem. Piyush follows KB and savant. SImar can’t find Prem. She says where will I look for him. He isn’t picking his phone. I have to save my daughter. She calls Prem again. prem’s phone slips from his hand. He sees Simr’s missed calls. Prem says why she called me so many times. Prem picks the phone. Simar says Anjali’s life is in danger. He can’t hear her. Prem sees her.

Khushi feels like someone is coming after them. Piyush hides. Simar tells Prem to come with her. Piyush says they are leaving. Should I stop them. Piyush calls simar.. Piyush says they are taking Anjali somewhere. SImar says tell us where you are. Piyush tells his location. Prem and Simar go there. Mataji Amar and Jahnvi see them. Amr says where are they going? Lets go. Mataji says there is something wrong. They all come after simar and Prem.

Anjali says I will really miss you KB. She hugs KB. Anjali says thank you for always being there. KB says I will miss you too my doll. Anjali says take care. Khushi says you too. Anjali sits in car with savant. They leave. Piyush says papa ma where are they? I have to do something. Savant stops the car. Anjali says why you stopped the car? Simar and Prem are standing in front of the car holding hands. Khushi and Anjali are scared. Savant tries to drive over them Anjali says stop. She presses the break. Anjali says what are you doing? Will you kill them? Prem takes savant out of car. Anjali says dad stop. Prem hits savant and says you will touch my daughter? Anjali says dad please listen to me. Prem says shut up. Anjali says whats your problem. Whenever I want to live my life on my own why you come in between? Simar says are you mad? Do you know who this man is? Where he was taking you? Anjali says it would be better than where I am living with you. Savant tries to run, Rohan and Piyush grasps him. Roahn says where are you going? You and your boss have to be exposed first. Sankalp says Khushi you know this man? Simar says yes she does. It is all related to anjali going to Mumbai. Anjali says only KB cares for me. Why everyone points fingers at her. Piyush says I knew you were stubborn, didn’t know you were so stupid. Anjali says shut up. Piyush says you shut up and listen to me. She should know what this KB has done to her. Anjali says I don’t need to know anything from you. Piyush says you need to. This KB you respect more than your parents, she sold you to this man. Everyone is dazed.
When you were dancing in Mumbai thinking it was an audition it was a real dance bar. and if we didn’t reach there this man would have ruined your life. Anjali says what nonsense. Piyush says he did all this because your dear KB asked him to. Anjali says shut up this is not truth. Rohan says this is truth and if you don’t believe that, ask this man. He says savant tell her the truth or I will chop you into pieces. They hit savant. Savant says one minutes I will tell everything. Savant says truth is.. He tells them everything from beginning. He says I came back because Khushi called be again. I was to take Anjali to Mumbai bar again. Piyush says now you believe or not? Anjali says KB.. Tell me this is all lie. you sent me to dance bar? Khushi says Anju.. my doll.. Prem stops Anjali. Khushi says Prem bhaiya.. Prem slaps Khushi hard on face. Don’t ever dare talking to my daughter again. You have no relation with her from today. Anjali is crying.

Precap-Sankalp says I don’t want to hear a single word again. Get out of this house. KB says please listen to me someone. Sankalp says don’t test my patience. Khushi says Anjali.. anjali says stop it Kb. Don’t even dare coming near me. Anjali goes to her room crying. Khushi says Anjali listen to me..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ohhhhh……time god that finally kb character is exposed . I really hate that kb she is a bad charactered woman . She played with the innosense of anjali.

    Tq Atiba dhi for the update.

  2. Today i am so happy. Khusi got slapped.

    Prem and simar will unite. But story revolves around arjun-anjali-rohan and piush-roshni

  3. Shayla Romka Narayan


  4. Can anyone say that Amar and jhanvi got married or Amar is still a bachelor

  5. Oh today epi was awesome that KB character is finally exposed.and from now on anjali and simar will be a happy Mommy and daughter.But where is sanjana oh my god I wish if sanjana returns she should not hate simar like anjali

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