Sasural Simar Ka 12th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 12th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prem is trying to attack simar. Inspector says if you step forward i will have to shoot you. Simr says put the gun down. Inspector says he is mad, he wants to kill you. Simar says he is my husband. Prem says how you dare to be audacious. Prem twists his hands. Everyone tries to control prem. Prem throttles inspector. Everyone says prem leave him. Prem shoves everyone and throttles simar. Rajhinder says leave her. Prem says your end is near permawati. The incomplete story will end with your death today. Prem takes her out of the room. He shoves her off the balcony. Simar is hung with the railings. Prem takes a vase to hit simar.
Simar falls downs suddenly prem holds her hand. Prem says you cheated your sister and me. I and indra wanted to live together but you killed us.Today

I will seek revenge. I will kill you today and become indra’s. Prem leaves her hand. Simar falls down. Amar and sankalp catch her.

Prem jumps and comes to temple to attack simar. He can’t enter the temple and reverts back hitting his head on the wall. Prem faints. Everyone is in tears.
Inspector says to amar what is this that life and this life. And where that witch came from? Amar says i told you everything. Amar says prem is not okay dont write any report. He says sure. Amar says what is happening in this house. He feels like someone is listening in. Amar looks everywhere no one is there. Indra says soon this house will be ruled by me thakur.

Prem opens his eyes an says simar.. Simar wakes up. Prem says simar please unrope me. I am your prem. this is hurting me. Simar tries to unrope him. Sujata holds her hand and says i wont let you do this. He will try to kill you again. I can’t risk your life to lessen his pain. You are my daughter. We have to find a solution for his condition. We dont have another option. You cant release him. Prem will never pardon himself for harming you. prem says why would i harm her. Please release me simar, its hurting.
Simar is in tears. Prem says simar don’t go like this. Please unrope me I am your prem. Suddenly he shouts Permawati. What you think you can bind me like this, you don’t know powers of Rana thakur. My sword is thirsty of your blood. Simar comes in room and throws gangajal on prem. He faints again. Prem says simar.. what is happening to me. Simar says you should rest nothing will happen i am with you. Simar says jhanvi give him a tranquiliser. Prem says no i dont wanna sleep tell me what happened. Simar recalls. Simar goes out. Jhanvi gives prem a tranquilizer.

Simar says I can’t see prem like this God. Please i can’t see this. Simar says to amar ask everyone to come here. Its really important. Amar says okay I am calling them.
Simar says thank you for showing me the right way God.

Precap-Simar says indra come here in front of us. Prem says why are you making noise? Simar says to indra i beg you to stay here for 8 days and bring roli back. After that i will leave your and prem’s life.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. very sad epi

  2. Prem’s action, Emotion perfect performance.

  3. Prem action, Emotion perfect performance.

  4. I think that simar will become maa durga after navratri to kill indravathi and save prem from her

  5. day by day it is interesting .

  6. I tkink she has a plan to get rid of indrawati.she is only usibg roli as a bait.beter avika quite the show she doesnt deserve this

  7. prem action awsome premar flasback super prem emotion perfect may be roli come back and save her sis takur love padamavati not indravati indra only killed padma i tink where is mataji and sid plz come back soon…………………..

  8. Prem performance was awesome
    2 roles performing at a time..rocked dheeraj dhoopar

  9. No oly roli and prem are simar ki sakthi uski takath….nw prem is in tis position so oly roli can support her anyway am happy nw we can see rosim in action…….

  10. I heard about one character surabhi who is she? Please anyone tell me about her!!!??

    1. When simar left her family fr 2 yrs…n went with vikranth…at that tym surabhi( sis of pari) is engaged to prem…rosid only made him to accept later roli cane to know simar is alive…roli decided to stop prem mrg with surbhi…later so much happened…cvs turned surbhi n vikranth negtive to show simar gr8ness

      1. Thanks for telling me the story 🙂 🙂

  11. 3 mahine tak mohini ka raaj tha

    ab indravati ka hai

  12. Roli u better quit show…i luv u rosid fr ever.

  13. i think simar ll bring roli through indravati and after they both fight against indravati…

  14. Dey r just dragging d story 1 aft other … no interest to watch nw

  15. Dey r just dragging d story 1 aft other … no interest to watch nw change d story fr d trilling story

  16. It is interesting but almost like chandramukhi there joythika becomes like chandramukhi here prem becomes thakur

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