Sasural Simar Ka 12th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 12th October 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 12th October 2013 Written Update

Sujata is worried for Janvi. Mausiji says, let her be normal.. if we all worry so much, then she will never forget past incidents. Everyone joins dandiya again.

Janvi comes out washing her face, and all decoration has disappeared from the room. She searches for Sourya. She then sees flowers in the dustbin and searches Sourya again. Sourya comes there. Janvi hugs him and says, thank God you’re here.. I was scared for a moment where you went. Sourya takes off her hand pushes her back and asks, who are you? and what are you doing in my room? Janvi is shocked. She says, what joke is this? She touches him again, and he pushes her hard this time. He asks, how dare you to touch me? Janvi is shocked. She says, such joke is not good with your wife on wedding’s first night.

Sourya laughs and says, wife and you? Have you lost your mind? I, Sourya Singhania, will marry you? a nurse? What a joke. Janvi turns him to her and says, this is not a joke.. we got married. She grabs his collar. Sourya takes off her hands and says, move your hands.. my jacket will get dirty.. you have made mistake raising your hand once already.. don’t do again.. it will be boring for me to do all this to teach you a lesson. Janvi is looking at him in shock. Sourya says, why are you looking at like this? Have you forgotten that slap? You can forget that slap.. but I had remembered it.. every moment. Now I am relived. The funniest thing was that you thought that I am changed for you.. I will change myself for you. How Sad! Ms. Janvi Bharadwaj. Sourya never changes for anyone. Yes, he changes others’ lives.. just like how I changed yours. He sits and glares at Janvi. He says, what I did to you was revenge… of that slap. I could have given you slap as well, but I wanted to do something that you never forget in your life.. which I did today. He’s leaving. Janvi says, you can’t do this to me.. I apologise you for whatever I did.. today we love each other.. you’re my husband.. we got married.. please don’t go. Sourya says, oh really? What proof do you have that we are married? That priest or the crowd who prefer to stay quiet hearing Sourya Singhania’s name? Go and ask anyone.. no one has seen anything. Just be careful.. people might think you’re mad for saying such stuff about Sourya. You see the difference between rich and poor now? I can do anything with my power.. and haven’t I proven it to you? Janvi remembers a nurse telling her that Sourya can do anything, but Janvi said no matter how rich he is.. he can’t buy everything. Janvi cries and tries to tell him the truth that they are married now. She tells him not to spoil their future. What she will say to her family? she begs him not to leave her. and promises that she won’t do anything wrong now. Sourya takes mangalsutra in his hand and says, oh yes.. sign of our love.. how did I forget it? He pulls it and breaks it. He says, there is no more love now.. nor any sign of love. Janvi cries looking at him in disbelief.

Sourya is leaving from there.. Janvi falls down to his knees and begs him, but he says, get lost and walks out! Janvi cries.

Back to dandiya function, Roli and Simar are worried for Janvi. Roli says, how will we find out where she is? Simar says, if she is not at hospital.. then she could be with Sourya? They decide to tell Sid and Prem and search Janvi together.

Janvi picks up broken mangalsutra and cries. She comes to bathroom and looks at herself in a mirror. She recalls Sourya saying he loves and likes her. She then recalls their marriage and smiles. Then she remembers what Sourya just did to her and starts crying again. A sad song plays in the background. She now notices her forehead and remembers Sourya filling her maang. She turns on the shower and tries to get rid off her maang. She then remembers close moment that her and Sourya had. She falls on her knees and cries.

Roli and Simar find Prem and Sid. Before they go to them and talk to them, some neighbours take Roli and Simar with them for garba. Roli says in her mind she will have to talk to Sid about Janvi. Janvi comes to dandiya place. Roli and Simar see her and run to her. sujata also comes there and says, its good you came before program finished.. let’s dance with everyone. Seeing Janvi’s face, Sujata asks her why she looks tired and if everything is fine. Sujata takes Janvi with her for garba. Roli and Simar tell each other that there is something wrong for sure.. and Janvi is hiding something from them. Anjali cries. Simar says she might be thirsty.. and goes to get water for her. Janvi is dancing and suddenly remembers Sourya. She tells Sujata that she is hungry. Sujata tells her to go home and eat something.

Roli runs behind her and says what’s going on? She says she called hospital and they said Janvi wasn’t there. She asks her why she lies and does stuff like this.. everyone was so tensed. Janvi gets angry and asks her to leave her alone.. she knows what’s right and wrong for her. Roli is surprised.

Precap: Janvi says she will have to talk to Sourya and calls him, but Sourya disconnects. He’s celebrating with his friends and says today he’s very happy..because sourya can forget his friendship, but enmity, never. Meghna hears it and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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