Sasural Simar Ka 12th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 12th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vikrant says there should be celebration tonight. Mata ji says yes I will bind them like no one will apart them. Vikrant says I wanna arrange this function. Mata ji says its your house. Anjali and sanju come and hug simar. Vikrant says I have to buy a lot of gifts for your mom. Come with me to help. Inspector comes home. He says I am sory t intrude but you have forgot that the woman is still at large. We have to investigate, you have to be careful till we find her. Simar asks prem did you see her face? Prem says I don’t remember anything. simar says okay clam down. Sid says we have to cancel tonight’s function. inspector says yes you better be careful till she is behind bars. Roli says yes this is annoying us as well. who is she and why she wants to kill prem. Vikrant

sasy they are with their family and I will protect them. We should celebrate. She attackd him in dark she wont come here. Mata ji says vikrant he is right. I am so worried for prem. We should cancel this event. Sujata says you are right we just have to be careful right now. Sattu says maa don’t worry prem has four brothers. mata ji says I am alone enough for her. Uma says yes we should celebrate. rajhinder says let me celebrate mata ji. Mata ji says inspector let them celebrate. He says I will send some guards for safety. He leaves.

Scene 2
Simar gets dressed like a bride. roli says you and jiju will be one today. I am so happy to know that. I hope this never happens to an enemy what happened to you. simar says they are by gone days. Don’t be upset. Its time to live the happiness. mata ji syas she is right. Mata ji and sujata give her some bangles and jewelry that is their heritage. mata ji says I want you to wear this. Sujata gives her a red scarf to wear.

Sid says prem and simar will never be parted again. Sid says go to simar’s room and take a selfie. Sid says you have to remove this boring husband tag. I would hafve taken selfie with moon and starts. other brothers come in. sattu says he is right you have to take this challenge. sankalp says I know that you can do it. Sid says okay as you all wish. Sid says the selfie should be cute. everuone laughs. prem is blushing.

Mata ji stops prem. She says where are you goin? he says for selfie. Mata ji says what? He says I mean sweets. mata ji says come with me I will give you. He says no can you bring it please. Sujata asks him where are you going? He says I am coming. Rajhinder says look she has brought you these flowers. Prem sneaks to simar’s room. she is sitting there with her face under scarf. He says my brothers want me to take a selfie with you. I promise I will leave after that. She takes her dupatta off. Its khushi. Ev eryone laughs on him. they have pranked him. Roli says we will remember this moment always. Uma sings the song ‘aj ki raat’.

Scene 3
The function starts. Mata ji does the arti of prem and simar. Roli and sid come on the floor for dance. They dance on ‘wah wah ram ji’ Everyone enjoys their moves. Everyone joins them and take prem and siamr on floor as well.

A woman is getting ready in the room. she hides her face and is ready to come.they are all teasing prem and simar in wearing the garlan. simar is shocked to see a woman in balcony. the garland falls off her hands. she points at her.

Precap-The woman comes and is taking simar with her. when she takes the cloth off her face she and prem are shocked to see the person.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. that person is vikrant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Who’s tat lady is she any old negative character

  3. That joke was not that funny :/
    Can’t u please show us one episode with even a shadow of a villan -_-!!!! If not better end this serial soon

  4. May be it was vikrant who kidnapped prem -_-

  5. iam damn sure that lady tho vikrant ki can u change like that vikrant.

  6. Ye simar n prem k lyf m or koi kaam ni bill ka tension na badhte mehngai ka na bachoon k skul padahi ya tution ka.tension h to bs har week naye villan ka jo unhe alag krna cahata h. Itne problems and dushman to kisi country k PM ko b ni jhelna padta h!

  7. the script writter try to make us fool if the lady may be vikranth means if he wants simar only means he only tried to kill prem he does not have any necessity to kidnapped prem and kept him in unconsicous for two days after that also if any villan can keep mobile phone with that person to trace him easily the watchers of this serial is may be fool including me there no necessity to change vikrant as negative because he is very genuine and a lovable father of a child he is not syco character he knows very well that simar love prem only not even think about other life partner he wants simar
    should be always happy at the same time if he going to change negative it is
    automoticallly spoil his daughter’s future this he knows very well

  8. Hai re hai, just when things were getting good…

  9. intersting but borning also yar . who is villan but purani or naya villan

  10. vikrant

  11. Might be that Jwala Devi??? Or even Surbhi?

  12. T parvath u ar so right i couldnt agree more on that.

  13. With this current truck i think the name of this serial should be sasural boring ka or boring simar ka. I think thats just perfect.

  14. How i miss khurhi as the antagonist wish to c her side of the story with her husband and he son

  15. How i miss khurhi as the antagonist wish to c her side of the story with her husband and her son

  16. I know its vikrant note he had hairy armas wen putting bindi on it has to be in telling u!

  17. i think it should be soniya

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