Sasural Simar Ka 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 12th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sam opens the drink. Anjali comes to his house. she hugs him. Sam says please come in. He says thank God you realized you were wrong. Anjali says friends again? He shakes her hand. Anjali says thank you so much. Since we are friends again. Lets begin it with a drink. she pours the drinks. Sam says I wanted to give you a news. She says what? He says wait. Lilly comes inside. Anjali says hi miss lilly. Lilly says I thought I should give you this news myself. That contract.. We have given it to Tina. Anjali is dazed. Anjali says you are joking right? She shows her the contract. Anjali says can you do this? Sam says I have done this already.
This can’t happen. That Tina can’t compete with me. Lilly says the train of success doesn’t stop for anyone. When you miss your seat someone else sits on it. Samn says I am that train and you missed that seat. Anjali says then this.. This contract you signed with me? is it a joke? He takes it and tears it apart and throws it on her face.

Doorbell rings. Vikram says I think its Anjali. Its Piyush. Vikram says you here at this hour? is everything okay? Piyush is Kaal. Piyush says actually my car broke down. So i thought I should spend the night here if you don’t mind. Vikram says why would i mind. Come.
Vikram says Piyush.. How did you get this bruise? Let me bring first aid. Piyush grasps his hand and says no.. Actually its very minimal. It will be fine. Don’t worry.
Vikram says let me call simar mom.
Piyush says no she would get worried. Vikram says come rest. He shows Piyush the room. Piyush says thank you. Vikram leaves.

Simar says I am so worried. What if Piyush harms himself or someone else. Mataji says nothing would happen. Simar gets a call from Ridhima. She says Piyush is at Anjali’s place. Simar is dazed. She drops the phone. Simar tells everyone, Piyush is at Vikram’s place. Everyone is scared. Simar says I have to stop him.

Vikram is waiting for Anjali. Tanvi says is everything okay? Vikram says yes. Anjali comes in. Tanvi says ma’am you are back. Let me bring food. Anjalu says thats not your job.
Vikram says Piyush is here don’t do this drama. Anjali says I don’t care. I am very disturbed. Simar calls Vikram and asks is Piyush there? He says yes. Didn’t he tell you? He said he told you. Simar says yes he didn’t call so I was worried? Is everything okay? Vikram says yes why? Simar says I am coming to take him. Vikram says no no I will bring him myself in the morning.

Ridhima says to Ananiya we have to do this. Piyush has to die if we want to stop Kaal. Ananiya says but there must be a way. Ridhima says there is no way. Simar comes in she is dazed. Simar says Piyush is at their place. They will bring him here. you prepare for the pooja and let me know if you need my help. Please save my son. I will do anything. I beg you save my child please.
Ridhima says I promise you I will do anything thats under my control. simar says what if he harms anjali. Ridhima says he won’t do that. His powers are weak and he is tired. He is asleep. You should go and sleep too. Simar leaves.
Ananiya says di please don’t do this. She doesn’t even know what are we going to do to Piyush. Ridhima says I said this lie to save them all.

Scene 2
Next morning, vikram wakes Piyush up. Piyush says where am I? He looks at Vikram and is dazed. He says how I came here? vikram says you came here last nigght when your car was broken. Piyush says I can’t recall. Vikram says have this tea then we will go home. Piyush touches his back and it hurts. He says why can’t I recalls anything? There is something wrong with me.
Vikram says to Anjali we have to go bharadwaj house. Anjali says Pioyush is not a child. He can go himself. Vikam says there is something wrong with him. Simar mom was worried too. Please forget our problems and come with me there. Anjali nods. She says there is a new drama in that house every day.

Pari says how can you let him come here? KB says she is right. Piyush is Kaal. Piyush comes in and says what.. Vikram and anjli are dazed too.

Precap-Piyush says is everything okay? Please tell me what it is. Simar says I will answer you. You are Kaal. Piyush says that is not possible.
Mataji says I am your son Piyush. Roshni says you love me.. Roshni says this is truth.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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