Sasural Simar Ka 12th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 12th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chakor says to .. there is time in marathon better focus. .. says because of all this vivann left you. Chakor says you better not talk about him. .. says he has changed since I came in his life. gave up on drugs has stated working. Chakor says I know him better than you. .. says i will defeat you in marathon like I defeated you in love.
Suraj shows Kamalnarayan something and says you can save 12 crore of tax if you do this. Kamalnarayan says come hug me you taught me new business. What should I give you? he says don’t worry about gift papa I will take it when the time come. Kamalnarayan from now on business is under you run it as you want.

PRem stops the person. He is shocked to see its simar.
Prem goes home and tells mataji that simar attempted murder

on mataji. Simar says what are you saying. He says I saw you myself. Simar says I wasn’t there. Chanda says then how are you coming from outside? simar says I just went to see whats happening outside. It is all your game. Prem says enough simar don’t blame chanda. Mata ji was right about you. I will marry chanda now. Simar sits there in tears.

Swara is in the car. Rajat says you are the key of my freedom. Till you are here police can’t do anything for me. Sanskaar follows them in his car. Swara is screaming. she takes out her earring. Police is coming after them as well.

Swara keeps leaving her bangles on the road so sanskaar can see them
Sanskaar screams swara where are you? He sees the bangles on the road and says these are swara’s.
Durag parsad calls sanskaar and asks could you find them? He tells them that he saw swara’s bangles on the road.They say okay we are coming.

Choti malikin sees chakor and says come I will drop you. chakor says no its okay I will go. She says chakor I am not your enemy, I remember how you helped me. I have to talk to you. Chakor sits in.
She says chakorr I am worried about vivann. Chakor says why? He has changed. She says i agree but there is something going on his mind. He has started talking about money. Can you bring him on right track like before? Chakor says I can’t do anything now. Vivaan is okay now. she leaves.

Vivaan says chakor you came? We did this finally. whole world thinks we hate each other. Chakor says its easy to pretend to be friends but pretending being enemies is so difficult. I can’t even talk to you. I feel like I am staying away from myself. She recalls him telling I don’t drug anymore and I did this for you. He says sit.

Chanda says simar I told you you can never win from us. Sid says don’t give up simar we have 24 hours. We have one key. Mata ji. once her memory is back we can bring prem back. Sid says you are right. Simar says prem is mine and I won’t ever let anyone else have him. Sujata says God will help you.
Mata ji says to simar I have nothing to do with you. Simar says I just wanna prove my innocence. I can even drink poison. Mata ji says enough.Simar says I know God will help me. Even if I poison my self nothing would happen.MAani says there is a difference between talking and doing simar. Maani says so simar you trust your mata rani right? I challenge you drink this poison.

Chanda gives simar poison and says drink it. Simar takes it. Simar goes in temple with the bottle. Simar says if God wants me to take this test then okay. I have lost prem’s trust even if I die it doesn’t matter now. Simar opens the bottle and drinks it.

Next part in Udaan and Swaragini’s update.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What is a sense in Trishakti or Mahasangam when no charactar helps in one other serial. It only upsets the programe. If one does not want to see one part of one serial he can very well do it. It only upset viewers choice. Please stop this nonsense

  2. What…house fly..ufff yar stop this..I cant see this serial induvidually now it is mixed my fav serials….why dont u stop or atleast dont mix it with others…unbarable.dont test our patience…???????????????????????????????????????

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