Sasural Simar Ka 12th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 12th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mata ji tries to go inside. Simar tries to stop her. She says Mata ji please stop. Suddenly mata ji shoves her. Mata ji stands in shock. Mata ji says what am I doing here? SImar says don’t worry. Lets go home. Everything is fine. Lets go. She takes mata ji towards home. There is a cigarette burning there.
Simar and mata ji come home. Simar says thank God I have brought mata ji safe home today. Suddenly she sees Malti there. Simar says now you saw the power of truth. Malti says oh till when will you save her? and everyone? Tomorrow karuna, then khushu then prem. Who knows whose turn comes first. Give me chandan maani and get rid of me. Its dark. And your family is in danger. think as much as you can. But hurry up. Meet me tomorrow with a good news.

Next morning,

Simar comes in Malti’s room. Malti says I was waiting for you. I know you can do anything for your family. Now give it to me. Simar places a flower of temple in her hand. Malti screams with pain and throws it away. Simar says you didn’t hear what my daughter said. that I am not scared of anyone. Whatever it is, i will never let you harm my family. That chandan maani is my friend’s trust and I will never give it to you. Malti says stop or I will kill your family. Simar says this is right for my family. Because my family only follows truth. Keep one thing in mind, my family is protected by God. Evils like you can’t harm us. Malti says simar.. This is my last warning for you. Give it to me or I will ruin your family. Simar says okay. Let me see who is more powerful you or my faith. This is my challenge. Take it from me if you can. Malti shouts. She says I will destruct your family.

Roli comes in the neighborhood. She collides with a man. He is wearing the metal ring. He falls. Roli says can’t you see. You broke my phone. Next time keep your eyes open while walking. He says pardon me this is not fault of my eyes, its of my fate. I can’t afford to pay for your phone. I am sorry. Roli says I am sorry I was too rude I think. Are you okay? He nods and leaves. Roli says in heart he was so disheartened and I was so rude. I wish I could help him. She sees a valet. Roli says its his. She says he is gone. Roli says before he is worried I should go and return the valet.

Madhvi says she is not giving the chandan maani? What will we say to kal pisaj now? Malti says we have to do something. He is out. We don’t have time. Whats his name? Sid.. Now you have to control him. We will need him any time. Madhvi says dont worry. I cant control him. He is going away from his wife and coming near me.

Sid is packing his stuff. He writes a note and leaves it on the table.
Roli comes in that man’s house. He is hanging himslef. roli says what are you doing come downstairs. He says I wanna die. Roli says people who give up are cowards. He says yes I am. I lost my memory and will to live. I am alone and like a living dead body. Roli says in heart I can’t go. I should call sid here. There is a metal ring in his finger tip. She says in heart should I call didi? She says whatever problem you have, you can share with me. I will try to help you. Come sit there please. Roli touches his hand and says your hands are so cold, like ice.
Roli goes out, the man turns into ghost.

Simar says the evil forces I am fighting with will do anything to win.
Madhvi says that simar, why are we quite in front of her. We can kill her and get that chandan maani. Malti says we can’t do that. We wont get a thing that way. Madhvi says why is that so?
Simar recalls devika says chandan maani can’t be snatched or taken by force. It only works when it is given to someone with will.

Precap-Mata ji says what souls are harming my family. Mata ji looks at malti and says what is she doing here? Prem says thats sughanda. She has been living here for a month. Mata ji says she is not sughanda. She is malti, who died years ago.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. what sid is ready to leave his roli?? packing stuff.. writing letter.. whats this… arey yaar avika will be till march upto march rosid ko ek hi jaga me hone do na now where sid is going?

  2. ghost all or behind each one.. chote dulhan after sanju, malti after mataji, madhvi behind sid, now kal pishach behind roli.. whats this… now whaere sid going and what he writing? poor rosid ..

    1. like after roli went man turns evil and he says i want “mujhe mera pyaaz bujane ke liye tumhara jaisa koi farak insann hi chahiya.” so may be roli life is in danger..

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  3. write more intresfing things about this show plz

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