Sasural Simar Ka 12th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 12th March 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 12th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Roli says what do you think sonia ? Khushi talks in her original tone and says I have talked to her. Will you please wait. Roli is dazed. SHe says I am sorry roli I should not have talked to you like that. Roli says its okay and leaves.

Scene 2
Doctor Anurag says life gives everyone a second chance why you don’t wanna forget your past. HE calls jhanvi. Simar is in her room. SHe sees Anurag calling her. She sees 20 missed calls and reads his message jhanvi talk to me. Jhanvi comes out of the washroom and says why you picked my phone. Simar asks why is anurag calling her over and over again ? SHe says maybe there is some emergency. Simar says tell me the truth jhanvi. Jhanvi tells her everything. SHe says I wanted to immerse in work to forget the past. Simar

says everything will be okay. Simar thinks I should talk to anurag.

Scene 3
Khushi calls detective and says no one should know about Khushi. He says yeah no one will know. Sonia says thats good. Khushi’s name has ended. Roli says what about khushi ? Sonia says anirud called me and said khsuhi wasn’t behind the attacks and she is not in this city. Roli says is he sure ? He says yes. Sonia says I am sure my relatives were behind those attacks.

Roli is checking Sonai’s room. She find a phone. She syas I have seen this phone before. Its her phone. Why has sonia kept this phone and in such a hidden way. This phone may tell whats the reason behind sonia’s changed behavior. She turns back. Sonia is there ? She says what are you doing here ? Roli says I came to ask you how you fell now ? Will you come and do the breakfast with everyone or shoudl I bring it here.

Scene 4
Simar has called Anurag to meet somewhere. She says I ahve to talk about jhanvi. i saw life in her eyes when she joined the jib again. Now she is planning on to resign. He says I will resign if she doesn’t wanna work with me. Simar says why you want to do so much for her ? he says because I love her for what she is. I see my future with her. Simar says its not just about jhanvi but about her child as well. This society won’t let you live and will your family accept her ? ANd most importantly the girl you wanna spend life with doesn’t love you. What will you get ? This is not right. Forget about it.
Simar leaves. He thinks I love her with all my heart. I promise I will make everyone agree specially jhanvi.

Scene 5
Roli checks the phone but it has no sim car no messages no contacts. She wonders what to do. Roli says Rani can tell me the truth. I can ask about her from the telecom company.
Khushi says this mask is killing me. She racalls roli telling her that she has brought water for her. There is no water in her room. She says she is so digging my roots. What is she trying to do ? Why did she lie to me. She was standing neat the closet and she was dazed to see me. She came here to check my room. She goes through her closet everything is okay. SHe says looms for the phone which is no where. She says oh that means roli has taken the phone. What should I do now. What will happen. Well she won’t get anything from that phone. She is roli. What will happen if she investigates from the company.

Precap-Simar says to Jhanvi that Anurag is a good man. He will be the father of your child. I assure you he won’t disappoint you. Jhanvi sees at the door prem is standing there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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