Sasural Simar Ka 12th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 12th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on
Scene 1

Khushi says to uma I think roli bhabhi is hiding something and sid, prem and surbhi are helping her. Uma says what you mean ? Khush starts telling from the very beginning. uma says this is so surprising. What is roli trying to do ? Khushi says that’s what I wonder. I know she is going to Ahmedabad for the same reason. Khushi says you mean she is not going for shopping ? Khushi says that’s why I am going with her. I will keep my focus on her. Uma says yes we should know whats going on in her mind. Khushi says in heart iwill expose the truth and ask mata ji for the keys.


Scene 2

Simar is looking for sanju’s colors in the study. Vikran comes and asks what were you doing in the study ? Simar says i was looking fro sanju;’s color pencils. 

She asks him for coffee or something ? Vikran says no. Simar leaves.

Scene 3
simar gets a call from aditi. Roli tells her that she is going to ahmadabad. Aditi says you know how dangerous they are we have seen already. You are going there alone now. Roli says no surbhi and khushi will be with me. Aditi says i will be in touch with you on phone. Let me know if there is some problem.
Sid comes in and says here is your ticket. He says let me know if you want ticket for one night, to be back to dehli. Roli says i am going for three days. He says what if you start missing me and plan to come home midnight. Just the way you did. Roli says i am going for shopping not for some tests. He says that means shopping is more important for you than me? Roli says you are my life and hugs him.

Roli khushi and surbhi are ready to go. Everyone greets them a good journey. Mausi ji says bring me a sari all three of you and jewelry with it. I will decide which one i am going to wear. Roli asks jhanvi to take care of Anjali. Anjali comes and asks what are you going to bing for me ? Roli says the best gift that will make you happy fro ever. Roli hugs her and says in heart i will try to bring your mom back to you Anjali.

Scene 3
They reach Ahmedabad airport. roli is thinking how to reach simar. Surbhi and khushi are discussing Ahmedabad’s food and markets.
Aditi stops roli and says hi. Roli is shocked to see her. roli asks what are you doing here ? Aditi says i had to come to help you. we are one so i came here for the same cause you are here for. Roli smiles at her and says i have i go surbhi and khushi will see you. Roli goes to them. khushi asks where were you ? Roli says my sari got stuck somewhere. Khushi asks the driver to place all the stuff in the taxi. Roli says thank god i sent aditi from here. I have to figure out everything . Karthik comes at the saem place. He asks the driver to place his stuff in the car. He says this is so important fro me place it in carefully. Khushi is gazing at him and his stuff. He calls baa and says i am coming home soon. He calls someone else and asks did you find about the girl ? You people are so useless. i want he information by the time i get back. His bag gets hit by another. his box is place on the the other side and the driver lefts it there. Roli sees it. She says the man was saying its something important. roli picks up the box and says i guess driver has forgotten it. Address in written on in. It will drop this box there.

Precap- door bell rings. Simar opens the door. Its roli with the box, They are both dazed to see each other.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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