Sasural Simar Ka 12th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Simar breaks the box to know its secret

Sasural Simar Ka 12th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aaliya telling everyone that the imposter is actual Simar. Mata ji cries. Aaliya says that box got successful in its attempt and laughs. Simar gets up and slaps Aaliya. They take the weapons in their hands. Aaliya says you died just now. Mata ji says your conspiracy was big, but you forgot one thing because of your attitude. She says you thought that I will believe on your voice, and says I understood that it was your trick. Prem says simar called after your call and now you are trapped in your own trap. Roshni throws Trishul on Simar. Simar catches it. Aaliya asks what you are doing? Simar says same thing which you wanted to do with me. Aaliya says you can’t do this. Simar says I can, if you don’t tell me the secret behind the box. They ask for whom she is

working and what is the secret. Aaliya says she will never tell and it will be secret for them. Aaliya tries to run. Piyush and Sameer come infront of her.

Simar says if you tell us then we will let you go. Aaliya asks them to kill her if they have strength. Sameer and Piyush tells that they will make her speak everything. Mata ji takes Simar inside to do her bandage. Sameer and Piyush tie her on to the chair. She gets the nail cutter and opens her rope. She comes out and is leaving, when she sees Sameer and Piyush standing.

Piyush says so many scores needs to be settled. She asks them to leave her. They tie her near the temple. Aaliya says you thought I will tell you. Sameer asks her to listen to their plan and then laughs. He shows the cylinder and says when this poisonous gas go in your body, truth will come out eventually. They wear the mask. Sanjana thinks what they might be doing. Simar asks them to open the door and asks them to stop the gas. Sanjana opens the window. Aaliya smiles. Simar says we have to think other way. Aaliya asks them to think. Simar brings the knife. Aaliya says Simar must have run away.

Simar says you thought me wrong and asks her not to test her patience. Aaliya says you can’t kill anyone. Pari takes the knife and says I can kill you, if not Simar. Pari stabs her, but the knife is fake. Aaliya laughs and says you are funny. She asks Simar to bring new knife and kill her. She says what is the story behind the box and why did it choose your family, you will never know. Simar says she will end the game today. She throws the box in air. They find the book in it. Roshni says truth is inside the book. Aaliya says don’t open it.

Aaliya takes Roshni as hostage and escapes. Roshni tries to snatch the gun and the bullet is shot

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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