Sasural Simar Ka 12th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 12th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vadahi comes to Piyush’s room and sees it all decorated. Piyush says say something I wanna know what you feel for me. Roshni says but Roshni. She loves you. Because of she will lose her love. Piyush says I told her I don’t love her before I met you. She a good friend that’s it. She will understand. Everything will be okay. I didn’t say no to her because of you. I never loved her. most important thing is our love. Do you love me as much as I do? Do you also think that we are made for each other? Vadahi is silent. Piyush says you shouldn’t take any pressure. I will accept whatever you decide. He is leaving. Vadahi says Piyush.. he turns back. Vadhai nods. He says is that a yes? Vadahi nods. Piyush picks her and rounds and says I love you Vadadhi. You

don’t know how happy I am. Vadahi says I love you. He hugs her.

Scene 2
At night, Simar says God I need you. I know that you won’t disappoint me. Mataji and Prem come. Mataji says God is always there for us. Simar says I am so scared for Roshni. Mataji says you are here for her. prem says everything will be okay. Don’t worry. Vadahi and Piyush come there. Piyush says you called us mataji? Mataji says we all know about your feelings for Vadahi? but we don’t know whats in her heart. Vadahi are you okay with this relationship? Piyush says mata ji we.. Mataji says we? That means Vadhai said yes. What have you both thought of your future? Simar says its on their faces. Simar says they both love each other. Mataji says that’s such a good news. They both touch mataji prem and simar’s feet. Mataji says Piyush you were right. Vadhai is simar’s shadow. You have to move forward with your relationship. What should we wait for? We should get you married. Simar says you are right mataji. What have you decided Piyush? Piyush says you are elders if that’s what you want why would we say no? Piyush I am worried about Roshni. Simar says I will handle her don’t worry. You focus on your relationship. Piyush says sorry ma I never told you before about her feelings. I thought they would go away. She is my best friend. I care for her. I will talk to her today. Simar says right now she is angry. She won’t listen to anyone yet. Mataji says don’t worry time will heal everything.

Anjali is taking Sanjev out. She says you wanted to go out but I have to drag this wheelchair. This is all so annoying. Shanaya calls anjali. Anjali leaves the wheelchair and it moves towards stairs. Anjali sees him. She runs towards the stairs to save sanjev. Sanjev is about to fall. Simar holds his wheelchair and pulls him up. Prem comes and says what happened? Simar says when will you understand? when will you be careful? Prem says you know what could have happened. Anjali says I.. Prem says if anything happens to Sanjev ji no one will be able to save your marriage. Vikram comes and says what happened? Papa why are yo sweating? What happened? Simar says actually.. Anjali says I took him on terrace but it was hot there. I will clean it. VIkram says are you okay papa? He says I will take him. Anjali says no don’t worry I will take care of him. He says I will come with you.

Scene 3
Piyush comes to Vadahi’s room. She is looking at his pictures. Piyush puts a hand on her eyes. Vadhi says who is this? She says so this is the one i love the most. Salman khan? Piyush says what? She laughs and says I was kidding. Piyush says you can joke too? He says I wanna take you out on a date and I want you to wea this dress.
In the evening, Piyush waits outside. Vadahi comes in the dress he gave her. Vadhi says do I look okay? He says no. The way you are looking words are less to explain. You look so good. He puts a black teeka on her neck and says good protect you from any evil eye. Vadhi says you care so much for me? He holds her hand adn makes her sit in the car. Roshni is looking at them. She is angry.
Simar sees Roshni running out. She says where are you going? Roshni sits in her car and leaves. SImar says roshni stop. Listen to me. Simar says she can’t even drive properly. i should call prem. Simar says Prem is not in city.
Piyush and Vadahi are on their way. The song ‘tere sang’ plays in background. They recall their moments spent toegther. Vadadhi recalls when he confessed his love. Piyush holds her hand.
Roshni is driving as well. She says I will never let this Vadadhi have piyush. I won’t let them become one. She is driving rashly. Roshni hits a man and her car meets an acciden.t

Precap-The woman cries. She killed my husband. Simar and Amar reach there. The people there call police. Roshni says please save me choti ma. Police arrests Roshni.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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