Sasural Simar Ka 12th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 12th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mata ji asks prem to come with him. He says yes. Mata says to prem listen to me, devika told us.. she tells her everything. Prem is bewildered. Devika says you have to do this sacrifice. Khushi says please prem. We have to do this to save prem. Prem says are you out of your mind. i can’t even imagine doing this. And mata ji you? Mata ji says i am asking you to do this for simar. this sounds absurd but please. Mata ji says i wont have asked you if there was another way. You have to do this for simar. This is the test of your love. Mata ji says we cant tell anyone because if they get to know, it will trouble their lives as well. For you simar please say yes.
For me please do this.

Prem and devika are in temple. Everyone comes in. Prem says what are you doing? Prem

says I am marrying devika? Sid says are you out of your mind? Prem says i know what am I doing. Karuna says khushi you have done this? Prem says don’t say this is my choice. Roli says to devika why are you doing this? Didi has done so much for you. This is how you are paying back? Uma says they should be thrown out of this house. We should get them out of thus area. Prem says stop. Prem says this is my life and my decision. I will marry devika and none of you can stop me. Mata ji says my family is against each other and i am helpless. Rajhinder says mata ji stop prem please. Mata ji says i am with prem if this is his will. Everyone is dazed. Karuna says mata ji what are you saying. Mata ji says prem’s happiness is mine. Rajinder says how can you do this. roli says this is wrong. prem says who are you to tell me this? roli says didi gave you everything. Sid says prem whats wrong. Roli says i will call didi. Siamr comes. Simar looks at prem in anger. Karuna says where woman is prayed,that house is blessed and where a woman is humiliated, everything is destroyed. how can you do this to simar. prem says who are you to ask me that? I have told you i will do what i want. I will marry devika today.
Simar is crying. Karuna says no prem. simar is your wife. you cant marry another woman. Roli says you are right. We have to call cops if he can’t get that. They will teach him law. Rajhinder says roli is right. sid call cops. Simar says in hearty you can do this prem. Simar says in heart whole family is with me.
Prem says i will forsake simar if i can’t marry devika while simar is my wife.Everyone is dazed. Rajhinder comes forward and slaps prem. Roli says didi has done so much for you. and for this devika you will forsake didi. God wont pardon you for this. Mata ji stop him please. why are you quite. Prem says don’t say anything mata ji. My decision wont change. No matter what. I will forsake simar today. And then marry devika. Roli says devika why are you doing this. You saved me. what is wrong with you. How can you do this with us. Please stop this. Simar says you are doing a mistake devika. This wedding cant happen. Simar says why are you doing this prem? She cries. and sits in his feet. Simar says i am your simar, prem says in heart i cant see you crying simar. Simar says dont do this prem.
Prem shoves her away.

Precap-Simar says to prem don’t do this. He marries devika. Everyone is crying. Prem fills devika’s hairline.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wow at least they gave dialogues for roli am happy…..

    1. u r correct

  2. Roli spoke this much dialogue after so many episodes

  3. S u r right akshu and ranaji

  4. com on prem all the best

  5. What a hell . Ghatiya episode ghatiya director and story writer

  6. After a long time they gave some scenes to roli but karuna has more dialogues than roli pls ssk writer give some space for roli

  7. i cant see sasural simar ka its not coming y?

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