Sasural Simar Ka 12th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Avni fools Simar and Pari

Sasural Simar Ka 12th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simar asking Pari to tell what happened. Pari says she saw Avni going in night and says may be she is in trouble. Hema hears them and calls her, but her mobile is off. Piyush comes there and calls Avni. Hema says she went out. Piyush says we shall go and bring her. Pari and Simar are on road. They see Avni hugging a man and thanking him for coming. Pari says she must be Avni. They see Avni giving him money. Pari calls her thief. Hema and Piyush come there. Pari asks why she was giving money to him. Man says I can’t bear insult of Avni and says she gave me money for my sister’s marriage and touches her feet. Avni asks her to go. Hema asks Avni to come and says we will not stay here for a min. She makes Simar feels guilty. Piyush says I will also come with Avni. Hema says we can’t bear any more insult. Simar promises that they will never doubt them and says she got respect for Avni now. Avni says she will not leave Mannu and asks Hema to come. Simar asks Pari if she is feeling ashamed and asks her not to do this again.

Sanjana hears the audio and suspects Bhairavi. Hema scolds Avni and says you are saved because of my message. A fb is shown, Avni meets her boyfriend Rahul and tells that she loves him a lot. Just then she gets Hema’s message and asks him to go immediately. He goes. She calls someone and asks him to come there soon, fb ends. Hema asks where is your mangalsutra? Avni says she took it off when she went to meet Rahul and asks her to let her apply nail polish.
Simar tells Prem about Avni. Prem asks her not to worry. Simar says don’t know when will her son unite with her. Prem says I will make coffe and goes to kitchen. Avni offers to make coffee, but Prem says he will make. He asks her to make Piyush and Simar get closer.

Avni messages Rahul. Piyush comes to her, says he got bad dream and asks her to sleep with him. She refuses and says she is having bad mood. Piyush asks if she is angry because of Pari and jokes. Avni laughs. Piyush says statue. Avni asks him to agree to her saying.

Piyush asks Simar to give him Prasad and calls her Ma. Simar gets happy and hugs him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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